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Jumping through hoops

Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking to myself, or jumping through hoops just get people to listen.

Today for example, I was repeating things all day long to my class, stupid things like please don’t run in the classroom, to please take that out of your mouth, your bottom belongs in the chair etc. Over the course of an 8 hour work day I lose the ‘please’ and get more insistent as the day goes by. There is definitely a disconnect between what the average two year old hears and what they actually choose to obey. Sometimes I imagine they have an inner dialogue to my every sentence: “Running inside is fun! I like chewing on the fake kitchen food! Why would I sit on my chair when I can climb around like a monkey instead?

It’s even more enjoyable when the disconnect is with someone I work with (NOT!) My co-teacher is someone I often feel like I’m not on the same page with, or even the same book. It’s taken most of the year but I’ve gotten good at dealing with and managing our work relationship. Someone once told me being a preschool teacher with another teacher in the room is like a work ‘marriage’ you often spend more time together and with the kids than you do with your own families (awake that is) and for the sake of the kids you got to get along. Well I would classify our ‘relationship’ as a strained, ‘for the sake of the kids’ relationship.

The worst situation is when I leave work and still feel like I am disconnected, or repeating myself it’s disheartening. This whole wedding planning thing is hard. When it comes down to it I am the one spending hours reading about weddings and trying not to get involved with every single last detail. No wonder many Bride’s refer to it as their day! Thankfully Mr Sailboat tries, and really handles it a lot better than many guys I know. I don’t really want him involved in every single detail, but the important things I want to be joint decisions. Right now we are a little past halfway in the planning process and things are still going smoothly. How do you and your fiancé handle wedding details and decisions?

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