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How We Met

So you’ve seen the pitiful “About Me?” Here’s the more detailed overview.
As I mentioned earlier, I’m a recent grad. I graduated in May of 2011 from a Christian liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania. A lot of my story begins there.

Mr. Sailboat and I waiting to commence!

As a freshman, I often found myself making fun of the people who had just started college and within the first few weeks of freshman year were in a new “very serious” relationship. I had told myself I wasn’t getting serious until much later in college and I was fully intent on focusing on classes. Well November rolled around (two months later) and one Wednesday night I found myself playing doubles pool with a girl from my floor and two very quiet boys from our building. One of the very quiet boys managed to say, ” hi.” and, “will you be on my team?” I acquiesced and we lost terribly. The only thing I really remember was he wore a yellow (my favorite color!) Cheerios shirt.

The next day, a fellow male freshman from Mr. Sailboat’s floor hacked his computer and left me an instant message that said he was going to pinch me. I was moderately annoyed and eventually I figured out that it wasn’t Mr. Sailboat but CJ (immature prankster). Mr. Sailboat asked me out to coffee to apologize and we hit it off; daily after class we worked together on homework in the library and after two short weeks he went from the guy asking me to play pool quite bashfully to asking me to be his (first! and only!) girlfriend! Who would have guessed I’d turn out to be someone I made fun of?

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