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Dating in college

College was full of ups and downs: In December of freshman year (literally less than a month after we had started dating Mr Sailboat told me he loved me, I told him he was crazy, there was no way he could yet. I told him I really liked him but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. January, again one month later my grandmother and best friend died and he stayed by my side through endless tears. By the time they dried I knew I did in fact love him and told him so (he still says he had loved me since that December, the only difference now is that I believe him).

I helped him get past his shyness and we moved forward. Sophomore year he pushed me to apply to study abroad even though we both were apprehensive of the long-distance.

I went off to London for the fall semester of junior year and missed his birthday, my birthday, thanksgiving, and due to some crazy amounts of snow spent four days trying to get back to the States drifting from airport lounge to snack bar. I narrowly made it home in time for Christmas and surviving that time apart cemented in my mind that we were going to get married. But remember how I had determined myself not to get in a super serious relationship in college? Well I was adamant I didn’t want people saying I got my MRS. degree (a common affliction in Christian colleges where a girl must have a ‘ring by spring’ of senior year.) I was not going to graduate engaged. So on we dated through senior year and all the craziness of capstone assignments. In spite of my determination not to get engaged I did sometimes wonder if it would ever happen as many of my friends and acquaintances did prior to graduation.
Did you ever struggle with the knowledge that people who had been in a relationship for much less time than you and your fellow were getting engaged or even married before you?

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