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My Ring Search

Throughout senior year of college whenever I felt overwhelmed, or distracted I’d go through pages of images of rings on various jewelry sites; imagining them on my fingers. It wasn’t hard at all to decide what kind of rings I didn’t like.

Even though I appear to be ‘cookie cutter’ I often make decisions because I want to be different. I truly believe that was the original turnoff for the stereotypical solitaire diamond ring.

So lovely, but not me.

Pavé? Too crusty for Miss Sailboat.

Three stone? Eh. Just didn’t do it for me. Neither did Chanel set rings, or any other diamond rings I saw on the typical website. I didn’t want a ring that I perceived was just like everyone else.

So I turned to Etsy, that crazy website you can find almost anything on. Once there I discovered antique rings, or at least antique look-a-likes. Once again, I was disenchanted with many of them. Heck no to art deco or sad little worn rings from the Fifties. I needed something with more glamour. Edwardian, Victorian, these were more me. Filigree was my cup of tea.

Edwardian ring

Even in this sample picture I really dislike the ring on the left, the ring on the right is a bit ‘bulky.’ And the ring in the middle? That would have been the one I wanted Mr. Sailboat to see. I sent links to Mr. Sailboat, whenever the idea of ‘the ring’ would come up. I was worried that somehow he would buy the wrong ring, as if all these years we’d been together he’d somehow get it wrong, but I couldn’t even find the perfect ring! Everyone I found that I liked the look of online I knew we couldn’t afford. As much as I wanted a pretty ring with a big stone, affordability would trump desires. Two broke twenty somethings couldn’t afford much (well really one broke 20 something.)

Beyond just the looks of the ring I knew that I didn’t want to wear a conflict diamond on my finger. Non-conflict diamonds cost even more, so then I considered sapphires. I love sapphires.

The only problem? As much as I tried to control the ring’s looks, it was something that was completely up to Mr. Sailboat. Even though he took me out looking at rings (we both found that kind of awkward because we went looking before senior year even began and were firmly in the ‘just looking’ phase) he wanted to pick it out himself, and have me be completely surprised.


Did you pick your engagement ring out? Our did he?

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