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Clueless and Home

After graduating college I moved back home where my cousin was living while planning her wedding. Her wedding was shaping up to be very different than what mine would turn out to be and I am very thankful to have been a bridesmaid living in close proximity as she included me in lots of her decisions. She chose a mermaid gown, this very one by Mikaella, and everything was in grays, purples and whites (soft yet glamorous combination I think). She had a lovely wedding complete with lanterns hanging from the tent during the reception, that was something she really wanted and I was were glad she got them! It definitely added some zest to the tent, and as the night went on it was fun to see them change colors.
As a sideliner, it was easy to see all of the fun in wedding planning with none of the stress.  I loved her choices for her wedding, but I quickly realized I wanted mine to be more traditional, perhaps even a bit vintage, (I envision a 20 party in full swing when I’m at the venue)  Her wedding was very her, modern and sleek. I enjoyed being part of the planning because it gave me a taste of what to expect and it showed me options and allowed me to form opinions. Being a  part of her day helped make the big decisions for my day come quickly and easily.

I know, ‘vintage’ is overdone in the wedding blogosphere, but I fell in love with antiques when my mom would take me to a local antique store where there was a kitchen display set up like her grandmothers kitchen. It’s something I’ve been doing for years, the wedding wouldn’t be ‘us’ without it. Throughout college Mr Sailboat and I would have ‘adventure days’ when we would go off to various thrift stores, and antique stores looking for cool old things. Most of our purchases came from the thrift stores, which have pretty cool treasures and I knew we would need vintagey details somewhere, I just didn’t know where yet.

Big Hint: I did not choose a mermaid gown for myself! Stay tuned to see what I did find instead!

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