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Capturing the Glow

a private glimpse into Miss Sailboat’s thoughts: an entry from her journal.

June 17th, 2011

Well, I didn’t write anything in here about what I expected tonight because I didn’t really expect a whole lot. I had decided that it’s silly to expect a proposal anytime soon. It just isn’t happening. Or so I thought….

Today was my last day at Macy’s and I thought that would be all to make this day great. Art, one of the people I worked with for that brief stint of two weeks, called while Mr. Sailboat and I were headed to Green Lane for our walk. He had glowing things to say, and totally talked my ear off for the entire time we were in the car. By the time I’d disentangled myself from the phone conversation we were parked and it was time to head off on our walk. The sun was starting to set and Mr. was kind of jittery. He’d said it was from too much caffeine. I was wondering if it had to do with something else…but quickly decided it wasn’t possible. I had even said to him as we were walking arm in arm that the way he was acting I’d almost imagine he was going to propose if it had been later in the summer (more paychecks earned!). I had thought it was strange that he was carrying a backpack. Before we left the house he said he wanted it to carry water, I believe him, though I couldn’t imagine what sort of walk we would be taking to need an entire 32 oz water bottle between the two of us!

We found a bench along the water and sat watching the fish, and water rippling. Mr. was talking about how nice it was to see me, which I did think was slightly funny since I had been at his parents house as soon as I could get out of work. Then he said some more nice things about how nice it’s been the past couple years and how much he was looking forward to our future. (I was still just assuming this wasn’t anything, because it certainly wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to say things like this. Kind of wish I would have paid better attention!) He kept squeezing my hand to make his points, or brushing my cheek with a kiss as we sat there. Then it seemed as though a switch was flipped, he stared deeply into my eyes and kept on talking, but this time he was fumbling with his backpack.

It suddenly dawned on me why he brought the backpack! I had called him out! He really was going to propose tonight! C! I yelled at myself, pay attention. This will only happen once in your life so focus right this second!! (Thankful my inner monologue was over before B asked, “C, will you spend the rest of your life with me as your wife?” I remember deliberately not looking at the ring as I teared up, asked “really?” and said yes. I hugged him and kissed him and looked down and the ring was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect. I couldn’t have picked out anything better myself. Antique. Old European. Flawless Diamond. We broke open some sparkling cider and glasses (a tradition of ours, and yet another thing hiding in the backpack) and toasted to us and our future. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone the exciting news. I contained myself though as we finished our bottle. I was so excited I was jittery now too. Wow. Completely blissed out.

Did you shout it from the rooftops right away? (call/text/facebook/tweet your big news?) or did you hold it in and tell people a little at a time?

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