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Breaking the News

B and I decided we would tell all the integral people before blasting the news to Facebook. Driving up to his parents house we had decided to play it chill. The plan was walk in nonchalantly, say we had a good walk and join the conversation. I’d talk emphasizing points with the left hand until they got it. (We didn’t really script it out like that but that’s what happened). Ten or so minutes into conversation and Mum Sailboat still hadn’t noticed. I was really counting on her. Presently she went off to the kitchen followed by Pops Sailboat. We heard them whispering and she said something faintly that I caught, “shouldn’t they have told us?” We let her know it was true. We were engaged and had thought we’d see how long it took them to notice. She burst in to tears and gave me a big hug. From then on it was a lot of how’d he do its, and I love the ring! We were smothered in hugs and questions we didn’t know how to answer. Everyone was so excited. It was exhilarating.

Rather than have me drive home by myself and tell my parents by myself we wanted to go together. B had asked my father’s permission before asking me so we knew they at least had an inkling it was coming. When we walked in and announced it it was definitely a different reaction than from B’s parents. My parents both were a bit surprised it had come this soon.  They were happy for me. They just weren’t ready to let me go. They almost thought I was too young. (Ironic because B’s parents had been talking about marriage for a year or two, they themselves had married right out of college while my parents didn’t wed until they were 25). Having this conversation and having an open relationship with my parents where we can talk frankly, but there is still the close-knit relationship makes me feel very blessed to have the family I do. If I could have scripted my parents reactions would they have been what they were? No. But now I am confident in their support and their blessing. They are truly happy for us and have expressed that many times over. I’ll take a slightly disappointing engagement night but a good relationship and the knowledge that they were mostly sad for themselves over fake excitement and a crummy relationship any day.

Since then my mom has completely 180’d saying that I’d really almost be as old as her when I got married anyway. It’s funny how things change!

After that first night we spent the morning/afternoon of the next day calling family members and friends and beginning to think about who would be in our bridal party. By that evening we were convinced we had told as many people as we could before we did in fact shout it from the rooftops on Facebook.

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