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Venue 1: Barley Sheaf

Within 24 hours of getting engaged we had notified all integral family and friends that we had in fact gotten engaged. As per usual, the responses were overjoyed and quickly followed by, “When’s the big day?”

Unlike several friends of mine, I knew that I’d spent enough time being Mr. Sailboat’s girlfriend and was ready to move on. I didn’t want to wait around a couple weeks to ‘enjoy it’ because I wanted a date set. We had wanted a fall wedding, but with a family wedding in September, and my parents expecting a baby in November, there really wasn’t going to be any weekend in the fall that would work. Skipping right past winter we landed in April. April sounded perfect to us.

Literally that very same weekend I emailed two places that I had read about in 2009 to set up a tour and get pricing info. I wasn’t waiting around. The very first day Dad and Momma Sailboat could come along I scheduled full with several appointments.

1. Barley Sheaf Farm: I fell in love with this quaint inn and spa, rolling grounds and pretty landscaping. The images on the website were to die for. Perfect, quaint, vintage, bliss. I excitedly called them first. Unfortunately, all Saturdays were booked until the following fall (October 2012!) and unless I wanted a Sunday wedding,  my options were in March or August, though there was one possible Saturday in April because a deposit still hadn’t come in. I waited with bated breath until the pricing came to my email. This place was more expensive then I ever could have imagined. Clearly I was new to the world of wedding finances. To hold a wedding here I would be required to rent out all of the rooms (16!) for at least one night (preferably 2), in addition to an on-site wedding fee, and a per plate charge that was exorbitant. They were billing it on the phone as ‘a “weekend wedding” complete with any sorts of lawn games (extra), rehearsal dinner (extra), spa treatments (extra), morning after brunch (extra) etc. this was really the Hollywood-type escape on the east coast. ‘

gorgeous inside and out

The tree lined drive had me envisioning all sorts of lovely bridal party photographs. I could have almost been drooling at this point.

The details were wonderful. It was very Pride and Prejudice (English Countryside) meets Bucks County PA.

Really. Click through to the website and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was adorable, but disgustingly expensive. I’m really not the Hollywood-wannabe kind of person. As nice as it would be to jet-set all over the world, I  don’t want a Kardashian lifestyle, especially when it comes to longevity of weddings! I like my own thank you very much. So I cancelled the appointment. For a place that would blow any sort of budget out of water without a dress, flowers, or photos I didn’t even want to look at the place, I had learned my lesson from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”. I didn’t want to fall in love with anything that would murder my budget. On to number 2!

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