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More Venues?

I wasn’t putting all my eggs in one basket. I’d done a ton of location research. I had lists. Lots of them! (I’m not really a spreadsheet kind of girl…) It was very important to me that I could have the wedding and reception at the same location. I didn’t want to miss my cocktail hour, and didn’t want people getting lost. I also was looking for a place that was out of the ordinary. I really didn’t relish the typical church wedding and basement reception! I wanted this to be an event people would really enjoy. I knew I wanted classy, vintage, and still fun. Plus it would be very helpful if I could incorporate our love of sailing into the wedding in some very unobtrusive way -a pond would be great! But mostly, as a wannabe foodie (meaning: watch top chef, love trying new things, read cooking blogs, try crazy foods, cook my heart out) I wanted the food to be delicious.

A couple places in my area were popping up their heads as something possible. One was the Manor House at Prophesy Creek. It was a sad website, and as someone who has been almost duped by poor company websites when I applying for jobs I was cautious. but everything written sounded great and the catering company connected to the location had amazing reviews. So I called. It just so happened that the head-honcho in charge could see me the same day as the other appointments. I scheduled.

The entire time we were wandering around venue possibility number 2 I was thinking this is nice. I like this. It’s kind of expensive. I really hope venue possibility 3 is the real deal.

We arrived at number three and by now we were adept at noticing the things that were downers. This place had a gravel driveway. Bad news for heel shod guests. Upon walking in we were greeted by hardwood floors, newly repainted walls, large windows and a great view to the twin ponds out back!

Twin Ponds and Gazebo

I was almost sold. But my vision became fixated on a large easel with some sort of landscape plan. The grounds weren’t finished. The ceremony site wasn’t put in yet. A very kind man came out and introduced himself as Mr. Robert Fair of Fair Catering, and overseer of the Manor House. He gave us a tour and waxed philosophically about his family history as butlers to some of the great American families, namely the Biltmores. He told us of white glove service at dinner, and how the wait staff will blend into the background. He painted a beautiful picture with his words and gave us a tour of the finished interior. We saw the bridal suite and groom’s room, the public restrooms, the finished interior rooms for the cocktail hour or mingling during the reception. He brought out rendered images of what it would look like and finished up with his own personal story of how he came to be involved with the estate. Along the way he included but didn’t thrust into our face how his faith had led him through ups and downs and finally ending here. But the grounds weren’t finished. Everyone knows how long things take to get finished. Would it even be ready in time for our wedding? The price was more palatable though.

Want to know what we actually chose? Check back next post for the answer!

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