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Venue 2: Holly Hedge

Holly Hedge: another classic inn. this one didn’t have the excessive charges, but you wouldn’t be the only one on the grounds (something I think I’m ok with). The price per plate charge was the same but the other fees were not as high. Even though it was June, the height of wedding season, the garden beds had weeds (that looked as though they hadn’t been touched for weeks), the mulch was sad and dull, they had never actually had a wedding as large as mine was looking to be, if it rained the contingency plan was to cram everyone into the small cocktail area where there would be standing room only for the ceremony, the only bathrooms for the ceremony/reception were upstairs, not handicap friendly. Dislike. The set up for a good weather wedding was a very beautiful courtyard though, and though I also didn’t love the reception space because it didn’t seem to fit with the charm of the pond and rustic grounds, their green/sustainable menu sounded great and I left glad to have seen it and seriously considering it. The photographs they showed me of weddings there were lovely and I didn’t even notice the flaws I had seen in real life. I liked it, but my parents had easily spotted the flaws and pointed them out in the car.

By this point, even though we had only seen one venue I was a bit disenchanted, everything was too pricey, and my parents were seeing flaws I was completely missing. I was beginning to wonder if the church basement would be my reception when my dad brought up a backyard reception. It sounded nice. We have a large back yard and it would be relatable to the importance of family in each of our lives, but it sounded like a lot of work. On to number three.

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