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Bundle of Joy

Wait a second. Miss Sailboat, earlier you said you were waiting for marriage. What do you mean, ‘little bundle of joy?’

Well reader, My parents found out in February of this year that they were expecting another child. It was a very unexpected surprise. They thought they were too old for another baby. Clearly not. By this point in the game we were fairly confident that the baby wasn’t going to be miscarried. I also had the wedding on the brain, big surprise! And I realized that I had my whole family involved except this little tiny baby. However distracting a baby might be to a wedding I didn’t want to look back and know that everyone else would be involved and my little brother or sister had just been hanging out in the crowd. At some point early on, this seed was planted.

And then one day, I don’t know how it came up, Momma Sailboat and I were talking and we’d had the same idea! Let’s get the baby involved. So as it turns out, if all goes well, I’ll have either a 6 month old little ring bearer, or a 6 month old flower girl. Neither will be able to walk (obviously!) so I would either need someone to carry said baby (not too thrilled about that idea) or pull it in a wagon. Naturally I loved the wagon idea. I’d break out my old red Radio Flyer, give it some WD-40, and a nice ivory paint coat.

Same model wagon

I’ll wait til winter passes to break this out, and have to make sure it fits my venue, but I sure am excited about this idea!

Did you toy with the idea of having very small children involved in your wedding? How did you include them? Do you have any horror stories to warn me away from the whole idea?

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  1. I dugg some of you post as I cerebrated they were extremely helpful very useful


    December 26, 2011

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