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I did it.

Wow. I can’t believe I did it. I just hit send and watched a very important email get downloaded out into the black hole that is the www. I’ve applied to be a bee. They asked for 2 weeks of blogging or 15 posts. I’ve got more posts, hopefully that enough. It’s hard to believe that just a few short days ago I decided I would even try and now I’m sitting here anxious, excited and nervous.

Fingers crossed in a few weeks I’ll be a bee. If not, I’ll just try again. As a voracious reader I spent a lot of time reading many, many many posts on Wedding bee. I’d read as much of every single Miss and Mrs. Blogger that I could in my spare time. I love how reading about someone’s wedding makes it seems as though you, the reader, are invested in their day as well. Even though many of the wedding I spent time reading about were long over, I still found myself rooting for them, their choices and the weather! It would be such an honor to have others agree I have something to say that might make wedding planning that much more fun!

Is it silly that I think I’m more nervous to hear about this then I was college acceptance? Maybe, but it’s true. I applied to several colleges. There is only one Weddingbee.

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