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The Bridal Party

Oooo, drama mama llama!  It was hard choosing wedding party members. I definitely wanted to avoid any drama, but throw several females into the mix and it seems as though it’s basically inevitable. I knew who I wanted to be my bridesmaids, but I was waffling on numbers. How would I narrow it down? What would be my magic number? Was there someone I shouldn’t include because of their propensity for drama? Thankfully, I really couldn’t think of anyone I was close enough to who might become a drama llama. But that still left me wondering what would be the magic number.

Mr. Sailboat’s side was much easier to figure out than mine. For starters he has two brothers. N and M. Both would obviously be groomsmen. Then there was another ‘brother,’ J. J’s parents were missionaries in Zambia around the same time Mum and Pop Sailboat were in Zambia. In fact, both Mr. Sailboat and J were born there. So though they have all the appearances of a stereotypical mostly German Caucasian male they are African Americans. With dual citizenship. That has led to plenty of funny stories, let me tell you

So right now we have N, M, and J as groomsmen. I have thee brothers of my own and no sister to stand up with me but we both wanted our families involved. Now the forward thinking bride of today could have her brothers stand on her side as attendants or brides-men, or some other term I can’t quite think of, but I shoot more traditionally and also couldn’t envision my brothers enjoying the term brides-men, even if they were wearing tuxes. So that placed B (the 18 yo brother) and AM (the 13 year old brother) definitively as groomsmen, but what about AC (the 9 year old brother)? Groomsman? Ring-Bearer? Not really. He wasn’t quite old enough to be a groomsman, but is way to old to be a ring-bearer. So we decided to ask him to be the junior groomsman. The important thing is having him involved and enjoying it!

So that left the male party standing with 5 groomsmen and 1 junior groomsman. I’m not too nuts about symmetry, so if I had five to his six it really wouldn’t matter. That still left me with choices. Sure, I knew that I would be getting married eventually, but I was never one of the girls to have picked out the who, what and when before I had a ring on my finger, even though I had wedding plans going on right under my nose! When it came down to it I realized the people who I had to call; the ones I knew would be so very excited, the the ones whose presence on the day I wed would be most cherished. Phone calls were made and then I was set. Two friends from college, both S. SS was asked to be the MOH, convieniently I set her up with N(Mr. Sailboat’s brother) while we were all in college. SK, also a friend from college, who unfortunately won’t be around for most of the pre-wedding events, if any at all because she now lives and works in Colorado! E, my closest cousin whose wedding plans I had been involved in, and it was rounded out by R and N, two very close friends from back home.

Confident in my selections I had my bridal party. I was leaving the rosters with 6-5. Or was I? What surprise was in store next?

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