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What does romance mean to you?

Holding hands when you’re 70

Filling the other one’s car up with gas.

Writing love notes and sticking them in the briefcase.

For me: romance is in the little things. Sure buy me a fancy box of chocolates and a ritzy piece of jewelry. But keep my car filled up with gas and I’m sold. B is uncommonly good at that. At this point in our relationship distance makes it hard to do the little things, but he will still send me an email to let me know he’s been thinking of me, he’ll set an alarm to go off daily in my phone when he does see me that changes every time he comes by. Right now the alarm goes off at 7:56 pm and tells me I’m gorgeous. Last time he was home it went off at 10:15 pm and told me He loved me. Even though I know it’s coming it never fails to make me feel warm inside.

When we were in college, senior year I was student teaching. Through the freezing cold winter he woke up every morning without fail to defrost my car and heat it up before I’d have to get out there.

Romance is sacrificing your own wants and desires for the sake of the one you love. I’m so blessed to be marrying a man who has never stopped romancing me and I don’t believe ever will.

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