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First DIY fail

I’d seen pages and websites and blog posts dedicated to asking friends to be bridesmaids! I always thought it was kind of silly, but several years ago on the oncewed website I saw a DIY direction in conjunction with an adorable accordion paper doll chain. I thought it was a wonderful way to introduce the girls to each other, (at least let them know the names) and let them see my ideas for bridesmaid dresses, different styles, same color for each girl. Click on photograph for link to tutorial.

Once Wed Bridesmaid Cards

Seeing this photo I became entranced. I loved the simple sweetness. I filed it away with other inspiration photos, knowing I’d never touch it for years, but low and behold, post-engagement I knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a special way. I didnt bother to find the directions and instead decided I’d wing it. So off I went to Michaels, I already had cardstock to use, I bought scrapbooking paper for the dresses, and blonde colored paper for the hair. I sketched and sketched probably ten different times until I got a doll shape I was happy with. Cutting them out was annoying! I layered them to cut out more per cut and save annoyance. I ruined several cutting them out and started over. 😦

By this point I was tired and had already called the girls to ask them to be my bridesmaids. What was wrong with me? I’d graduated with a degree in art for Pete’s sake. I should be able to handle this. I just didn’t have the patience to fiddle around. I persevered and cut out the dresses and the hair and glued it all together. Out of the ten I made three turned out well. But I wasn’t happy even with the three nice ones. I didn’t want the back of the paper dolls to look unfinished. They needed dresses too. Forget it! So instead I put them aside. That was in June. I still haven’t touched them. Take a moment to drool over the prettiness of OnceWed’s. 
As much as I love crafting and art, paper and scrapbooking has never been my thing. I’m a three dimensional mixed media person through and through. For now that’s my story and I’m sticking too it.
I’m just grateful it was a project with a minimum investment. I had more pressure on my hands to get big things done (more on that later) and didn’t want to devote the spare mental space. Sadly, I don’t even have those silly little dolls. My girls got the message and I’m ok that not every detail of my wedding will be perfectly sentimental.
Hope you enjoy the tutorial from oncewed and the pictures, because that’s all I’ve got. At some point I will re-make these. Perhaps as a thank you for the girls? Maybe. I do know that when I do remake them, I will use a lighter cardstock, and will use simplified hairstyles instead. Just for you reader, I will go find one sad little discarded paper doll chain. Check back later for that update!

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