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Registry Woes

Don’t get me wrong, registering was something I thought would be fun. And it was for the most part. In fact it was down right hysterical at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mr. Sailboat and I had gone to BBB in late August, having been told by several family members we needed to get a move on registering for things so we could get things like engagement presents. (Highly ironic as we only received one engagement present!)

Anyways, we really had no concept of what was in store for us. We had this slightly rosy idea of walking around and just zapping what we liked, we would be in and done in under 2 hours or so we thought. Conveniently we had forgotten the delightful rule of errands; it always takes longer than you think.

So rather than our 2 hour excursion it turned into a 4 + hour marathon. We were led around the store by Montana, the store manager. She divulged the pluses and minuses of many of the products, and would try to convince us of things we didn’t need, like an espresso machine, a 12 cup food processor, a Miele vacuum cleaner ($499!) among other things.

To be fair, we did get a lot of things on the registry, but as I shopped around (all online after this experience) I found there were other stores that had things I liked better. BBB is great for main staples. Actual decor? Leave it somewhere nicer.

Once we had tired ourselves out with Montana’s shpeels and getting drug around the store we sat down to do china. But first she had to explain the merits of stoneware, porcelain, and bone china, and believe you me, if I could have gotten a word in I would have let her know I knew those things (having been an art student and taking several semesters of ceramics.) Part of her lecture on dinnerware was first to hammer in our heads that bone china could be dropped and really wouldn’t break, then she proceeded to pick up a salad plate and bang! bang! bang! she hit it against the tabletop, well I’m sure you’ve already guessed it, by this point the plate shattered into a million piece, Mr. Sailboat and I laughed out loud literally, for several minutes, uncontrollably with tears (must have been going crazy from being in one store for so long) and Montana turned bright red.

Thankfully we made our escape soon after that.

Something else they never tell you about registries, things get discontinued a lot!!! I started off with one set of everyday dinnerware at BBB, but didn’t like them so that got me shopping around, I found some I liked on PotteryBarns registry and started a registry there. A couple months later and that set was discontinued (among many other things from Pottery Barn) I scoured both websites to no avail and started a third registry. Williams Sonoma I’m hoping you dont go all wishy washy on me!

Have you had any registry tales?

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