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Back from the brink…

Literally. I’ve just returned from the brink of civilization. And a hiatus of wedding planning. Mr. Saiboat and I went with his family (read: parents, two brothers and their girlfriends, plus one yipping dog) to their family cabin in the wilds of PA’s state forests. This was my second trip up to the cabin. It was a very nice time, but not exactly my sort of a trip (I’m a sunshine and beach girl). But my goal was to sit back and unplug-this location was unparallelled in succeeding at meeting this goal. It was a 45 minute drive from any cell service, let alone 3G. There was no internet, phone, or tv. Our heat was supplied by wood and we were all alone in the vast forest, except for the rabbits, of which the dog was very fond of chasing. So forgive me dear reader as I spent the time with future family to be, whooping them in board games and taking long walks along “Young Woman Creek”. Very creative name I must say.

Due to my paralyzing fear of snakes, winter is the only time I venture up to the cabin so we also got our walk on. (I would have said hike, but I’m not much of a hiker). The scenery is gorgeous though, and you can appreciate it even without climbing the mountains (I prefer to ski down them!) It often times felt like we were walking straight through a Narnia or Lord of the Rings movie.

Now, to get back to wedding planning, I had determined as we were getting close to the holiday season, that I would have a million and one things to do and consequently, wedding planning, or even wedding blogging would not get done. Instead I swore it off until ‘next year!’ and focused on family time when I wasn’t wrapping gifts. Not to mention, Mr. Sailboat was actually in the area for more than a weekend and I wanted to see him! The break was nice, not to mention it coinciding with a slow bit of the to-do list, more like the calm before the storm.

It’s now 4 months and 19 days until the wedding. While I was lost in the wilds, the bridesmaid dresses came in and my mom was kind enough to pick them up for me. I’m loving them! They look so gorgeous hanging in my closet as they wait for their maid to receive them. I almost wish I could keep one, I love them so much.

On my many checklists for wedding planning there are lots of to-dos to do that I haven’t done yet… I can order the invites this month. We need to book the honeymoon, and the night of hotel room. I really need to start working on that pesky ceremony, decide on and order the favors and did I mention sending the maids their dresses? I’m glad we have finally gotten back into a ‘busier’ bit of the to-do list. Those boring doldrums were killing me!! It makes the wedding seem so much closer, now that it’s ‘our year!’ I can’t believe so much times has gone by! When we first got engaged it seemed as though May 2012 would never come. I came up with this list of all the things that would happen to make it seem like January was just around the corner. First, we had a beach trip with my family, school would start, Mr. Sailboat would have a birthday, I’d have a birthday, my parents would have their 5th child, it would be Thanksgiving, then it’s basically Christmas, then before we’d know it it would be the New Year, and then we would be so busy the wedding would be here before we knew it. Well, it’s the New Year! Here comes the craziness.

Did you take a hiatus from planning at any point?

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