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Piecing together a dress.

A week or two post engagement I realized I needed to start figuring out what my dress would be. I had seen an inspiration image of a dress, lace top over sweetheart overlay and some sort of chiffon/tulle skirt belted around the natural waist. I fell in love. Unfortunately the image was from an advertisement for bridal accessories. I emailed the store to see where they got the dress. Lo Boheme, the store, responded so promptly to my email, but the news was all to awful. It had been fabricated from a corset, a vintage lace top and a slip. Only for the purpose of the photo shoot.
Discouraged I tried my luck at finding a vintage lace top of my own, and had been looking for several weeks when it sunk in that I’d miss that experience of trying on the dress. I really wanted that experience. Even though I doubted my mom would tear up I wanted her to be there, so I scrapped the vintage top idea and began voraciously hunting for designers I liked. Lazarro, Casablanca, Priscilla of Boston and a few others were my top choices, but trying to figure out which shops had which dresses was annoying and bothersome. I didn’t want to have to drive into center city and fail so I thought I’d start with a local shop named Anne Bailey’s. I had no idea what they had in stock but figured it would be a good way to ‘get my feet wet.’
Did you scrap dress ideas before you even tried anything on? For the record, I still think about that sham of a dress.

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