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Addictive Behaviors

Let’s do a little self-evaluation here…I tend to focus on one thing in particular at a time, I almost get a one-track mind about it. For instance, while student teaching? I ate, slept, and drank lesson plans. Pre-getting engaged? I pored over pages and pages of rings. Once we were engaged? There were millions of things to focus on, but I did each one at a time, dress, venue, invitation, etc. I research the options before making my choice and rarely change my mind because of it.

Well it’s gotten to the point where I’ve made all the decisions, I just have little things to check off my list, so I started thinking about what’s coming next: our nest. And just as I start to think about that I finally find Pinterest. Oh my goodness, I have been on Pinterest for less than a month and I already have 400+ pins. Pins for the weddings, the house, the kitchen, projects, food, places I’ve been, places to go, space solutions, etc. I haven’t been this inspired since college, and even that was inspiration our of sheer necessity! I created because I was enrolled in classes I was required to create in.

I’ve always been the sort of person that looks at things for sale in certain stores and think I could make that…I don’t have an Etsy obsession, but I could make that….but do I ever? No. I’ve never actually seen something for sale somewhere and made it. But now? With Pinterest? Since December 26th, I have seen seen enough inspiring things, I’ve actually attempted to make my own things. It started simply, yarn-wrapped christmas balls. I have miles of yarn, lots I’d never actually use, so I started by wrapping non-breakable christmas balls with yarn.

Pinterest Yarn Ball Wreath

They were day, quick and satisfying. It took little to no time to cover the balls completely with neat little wraps of yarn. The satisfaction of 18 lovely decorations led me to my next project.

This one I had seen on Pinterest and liked it, but also remembered having seen them in Target in the craziness leading up to Christmas. These were ball ornaments covered in pearls. I love pearls. Seeing them in person made me realize I could make them myself, off to Michael’s I went to get some cheap pearl beads and hot glue sticks and off I went. This was more time consuming, but very pretty, and strong contrast to the colorful yarn wrapped balls. I definitely need to make some more. The ornament on Pinterest was from Anthropologie. Theirs was probably made of really pearls (yeah right) but I made two for 6 bucks, and have enough pearls left over to make two more! (already owned hot glue gun and had leftover unbreakable ornaments laying around).

Pearl Ornament

While I was at Michael’s I picked up a glass cube vase, a couple packs of index cards, some blue ink and letter/number stamps. On Pinterest I had seen a perpetual calendar, really it’s 365 note cards, separated by month with the date marked on them (just month and day) on the lined side of the card you write in something for each year, for example 2012-rang in New Year with 96 sparklers! Then each year you add another line and another and another. I’m looking forward to looking back on wonderful memories as we start married life together. Instead of postcards, I’m planning on finding a picture of us from each month to separate the cards.

Pinterest Inspiration

Now, for the first time in a long time I find myself looking forward to coming home so I can paint. I’m not doing oils right now (I was the last time I was painting) but I’m finally painting, and that’s all that matters.

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