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It’s not all about weddings…

I’ve been finding myself spending a whole lot of time thinking about what this wedding means. It’s not just about the one day, it’s the one day that shows how important the rest of my life will be. This one day is only the beginning of a new chapter in the rest of our lives. It’s important to me that this day shows other people how important our faith in Jesus Christ is, and how important we view the sanctity of marriage.

This is the most sincere and public commitment we can make to each other. I am very much looking forward to making that commitment and making it for the rest of my life. Not the rest of ‘however long we get along’.


This will be a forever thing. Not because I think he is so great (he is) or because we are perfect for each other, or because it’s easy. This will be a forever thing because God asks that of us. It won’t be easy, I’m sure there will be times when it isn’t great, and we get on each others nerves, but I’m excited nonetheless.

I’m just so very blessed.

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