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Dressing the Maids…

Let’s start off with what I thought I wanted:

I definitely wanted the girls in cocktail dresses. I really really really wanted this to be a dress that they could wear again, not just have that be something I’d say to make myself feel better about asking my friends to pay for a dress they didn’t like.

Maybe I didn’t mention this before, but we chose the colors we chose because yellow is my favorite color and blue is Mr. Sailboat’s. All of my bridesmaids have some variety of blonde hair, or at the darkest, a light brownish/blonde. Therefore I knew that yellow was out, because in spite of it being my favorite color, it is so hard for me to find flattering shades. Blue it was. What shade of blue? Well I had stumbled upon pictures like this while browsing online.

I really loved this look!! Who said that the dresses all had to be the same color?

Here comes the reality check. The wedding us fairly formal, the likelihood of the girls finding 5 different shades of blue is formal fabric was slim. Rather than stress everyone out trying to find a dress that worked I decided it would be easier to just choose one color and five different styles.
This seemed less intimidating so I took the three local bridesmaids went back to Anne Baileys to look at what they had. (discount because wedding dress was purchased there? Yes please!)
We started off a little all over the place. The girls pulled whatever dresses they liked, or thought they would look good in and we began trying them on. After a few rounds of dresses, bridesmaid E tried on a gorgeous blue dress and then I remembered that was the dress that had caught my eye when I was shopping for my wedding dress a month or so ago. The other girls agreed they liked it, so the stylist went off to see what other dresses we could try in that same color. The quickly limited us to 8 dresses and we picked out the best five. I asked them to be very honest with me about liking the color and they said they did. The best part of all is that they got to pick their dress and were able to chose dresses that fit them well. Well except the last two, but one was able to try it on, the last had to make due with a photo online, but she loved a specific design element.
The dresses have come in already and I’m in the process of doling them out to the girls. Now we just need some accessories to tie everyone together and we are set! I can’t wait to see them all together!

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