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Where do you draw the line?

I’ll be the first to admit updating every detail of one’s life on Facebook is enough for me to want to hide someone from my newsfeed. I don’t care about every little detail. And I’m sure there aren’t many who care about every detail of my life. So I hold back from sharing all the wedding things that excite me, I don’t want to ever act like it’s all about me.
That’s where wedding planning gets hard. I’m still me, but my life is changing. I’m certainly not the girl that is involved with every little detail, but this wedding is the biggest visible thing in my life that signifies how so very much will be changing. And when you see an old friend or you catch up over a cup of coffee you ask and tell about things that are new in your life. I’ve had a couple friends tell me to feel free to share because they know what it’s like, or they just are interested. I did have one interesting interaction though. I was conversing with an interested party about the wedding. They mentioned it was coming up soon and I responded “that it really is. At some point this week there will only be a hundred days to go!” an eavesdropper piped up, “you’re really scary you know that?” I guess they meant that I knew how many days were left. Little do they know the various wedding website places all send emails with countdowns in them nearly every day! Needless to say I was a bit flabbergasted and didn’t have a response, so just turned back to my conversation. It definitely made me reevaluate who I share things with, even when they ask.

But because change is pressing on my mind today, ill share some of my thoughts. Once our wedding day passes for the first time ever I won’t think of my parents house as my house. I’ll have my own that I’ll share with my husband. There will be no more spontaneous target trips with mom, ski days with dad, or a random weekend at the beach. I’ll be to far away for any of that. I’ll miss Andy’s 10th birthday and Alex will start high school without me around. Don’t even get me started on what I’ll miss in Kenzie. Brandon is away at college, so hopefully it won’t be that bad, as I’m hoping we come home for the holidays.
Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve been looking forward to marrying Bryan for a very long time. Four years to be exact. But no matter how excited I get about the prospect of the future, it will be big learning curve. College was one thing, I’d come home every couple months, but Mr Sailboat would go to his house, and I’d go to mine. Sure, I guess we are lucky our families live near each other, but that just means that once we are married we will spend every weekend we come home together, but will be splitting our time with our families. I’m sure that won’t be easy, but we will make it work.
How do the married people out there handle spending time with both families? Anyone in our situation?

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  1. Marriage is a HUGE adjustment, especially for couples who haven’t lived together before the wedding! I had to get used to a lot of changes since I was so used to living by myself for a few years. The changes (no matter how frustrating and scary they can be) are exciting and totally worth it!

    As for the constant countdowns? I totally ignored those until it came to “less than 100 days…” I started panicking because the time totally flies by! I felt like I didn’t have enough time to get stuff done! Wedding planning is also extremely difficult if you don’t have a planner and you have a full time job, which I think that is the situation you are in? Stay strong, take time to rest (even if there seems no time for rest!) and rely on friends. I don’t think I have ever asked my friends for so many favors in my life but they were there for me! πŸ™‚


    February 6, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      I’m sure it will be a huge adjustment, but I am excited for it nonetheless. The countdowns haven’t stressed me out yet, I do like seeing the days tick by! I also don’t have a planner, and do have a full time job. But my engagement has been much longer than yours, which i’m sure helps mine seem less stressful! I will take time to rest! But don’t have any things I need friends to help with, as I’m really not doing many things myself! Thanks for the tips Lindsey!


      February 6, 2012
  2. Enjoy all the time you have planning and getting ready for your big day. Don’t let others decide how you should feel about it. Your true friends and those who love you want to know about each detail and will support and encourage you. Others just don’t know what to say, and it comes out awkward. Forgive them and get back to your excitement! This is a ONE AND ONLY LIFETIME EVENT…memories are being made…stories to share…
    Your life is changing. But you have had a wonderful upbringing and have such good memories to grab onto. You are so ahead of the game, because you had such great parents who adore you and showed you Christ! You will bring all of this into your new family. There will still be special times with mom/dad/siblings but new adventures also await!
    When Craig and I were first married (before children), our parents would get together for many holidays. When the kids come, they will probably all come to you. You will work it out…compromise will occur…just part of the new chapter.
    So you go ahead and post what you want, tell us what is on your mind and what the latest “to do” item that has been checked off. I like to know what is going on and enjoy it with you. ❀


    February 6, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      Aw thanks Kathy!! This was so encouraging to me! We are so blessed that we have both been raised by such strong steadfast families. Bryan’s mom is already talking about coming to visit us every three months! haha. The latest to do is that the invites have been sent! Wohoo! ❀ Thanks again Kathy!


      February 6, 2012

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