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I promise I’m not falling off the wagon

Life’s been crazy. It’s been almost a month since I last wrote. I apologize.

Let’s rewind to February and I’ll catch you up.

Feb 1- Mr. Sailboat applied for a job.

Feb 9- Mr. Sailboat was called, asking him to come up for an interview.

Feb 24-Mr. Sailboat was inside the company from 7-2. He was interviewing from 10-1. He thought it went well, and we were satisfied with that.

Feb 29- An offer was made.

We were moving to ct! Let the apartment hunting begin! We had a long list of things that would be nice to have. Ideally, a single family home. 2-3 bedrooms. clean. washer/dryer. short commute. close to beach. 2 bathrooms, or at least 1.5. decent storage in the kitchen. parking for the sailboat. affordable.

obviously it will be hard to find everything on that list and still be affordable. it’s even harder to find a place when we are 4 hours away, and are relying solely on craigslist (bit scary) trulia, and zillow. We can’t just drive by to see if it’s worth it. Instead we get to send lots of emails, inquiring and waiting until we can manage to make it up there to see for ourselves. No worries though, I’m sure we will find something πŸ™‚ in spite of so many emails going unanswered.

There have been a lot of other distractions in the last couple weeks as well. Second dress fitting! Surprise Bridal shower thrown by my future MIL. That was fun, and thankfully I got all the thank yous out. More on that later.

While I still have distractions like apartment hunting, I’m back to blogging.

Have any tips on finding your newlywed place?

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