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Whirlwind Weekend

Well, it appears that my time spent obsessively checking Craigslist for an apartment is over! Thursday night Bryan and I drove up to Connecticut to see our friend Ben, explore the area, and hopefully find a place to live.

If you remember from last time we had several requirements:

Single Family Home (no more noisy apartments for us!)

2-3 bedrooms (one for us, one for guests, and a space for all of our books to go)

Beach (take advantage of the coast)

Place for our Sailboat

outside space of our own.


And I’m sure there were more. We had several places lined up to see, a few apartments in an old Mill building, a small house 3 streets from a private beach, a brand new apartment, and a few random houses in various locations. We drove all over the area, from Noank and Groton Long Point, to Niantic and Waterford, and north to Norwich.

The first places we saw were the apartments in the Old Mill building. The first was a two bedroom, with low ceilings and felt very cramped for the money, and the other was a loft, but unfortunately smelled overwhelmingly so of smoke. Both were crossed off the list and on we went to the next. Not only did they not work for us in overall feel, neither of these had room for the boat, or any outside space of our own.

This place was close to the beach, in a very good area, had a garage and off street parking, 3 bedrooms (tiny ones) 1 bath (unfortunate) we could see water from the street in front of the house, but the beach that was 3 blocks away was about 10′ by 3′ when the tide was in, not exactly someplace to go for more than an hour or so. We did fill out an application, but knew it would be a tight fit, and the kitchen was beyond cramped. Reminded me of Bryan’s kitchen in Kelly at Messiah.

The next place we saw was in a good location, close to everything, close to Bryan’s work, close to the mall and all the shops, the rooms were large, and there were some nice updates here and there, there was plenty of space, and some funny things that would certainly make it an interesting apartment, like the pink tile in the main bathroom (pristine condition, ugly color), and the fact that the stairs to the second bedroom are just inside the door to the master bedroom. we decided to sleep on it. it was very well priced but we had a couple other places to look at.

These other places had bigger faults we couldn’t get over though. Bizarre landlords that thought it would be reasonable to share the same entrance, and use our kitchen (heck no), and landlords that left their places unlocked because ‘nothing would happen to the place, didn’t even stop to see that place). The last place was the brand-new apartment. It was nice enough, but as we were walking through checking it out we could hear plain as day a man in the apartment below asking someone else what the weather would be like. Cross that one off the list too.

We couldn’t wait to drive back to the house in a good location and hand in the application.

Now we are waiting, the house had been on the market, though they are only giving the realtor until the end of the month to sell it. (though there really hasn’t been any interest).

The other item of concern is Bryan’s security clearances. He was just informed Saturday he needs to formally renounce his Zambian citizenship (we believed that he held dual citizenship, with America and Zambia, because he was born there of American parents, thankfully that wasn’t true. He has only ever been an American citizen. The paperwork has been corrected and will be submitted to the department of defense. Hopefully we hear from them soon, as a start date will not be issued until he has passed sufficient background checks. Pray that all goes smoothly and by the end of April we are moving things into ‘our’ house. We are very excited!

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  1. A couple things:
    1. Noank. It’s a hard one to spell, but worth learning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll take you guys to Abbott’s sometime this summer to tie the name to a good memory.
    2. I think you don’t give landlords enough credit in this post. Honestly, a terrible place with a wonderful landlord is better than the opposite, and I really liked your landlord at the place you liked.
    3. When you get the chance, I think an update with a link back tot his post is in order. Everything worked out wonderfully (as far as I can tell) and those who prayed in the unknown love to praise when things come through!
    4. You posted on my blog, I posted on your blog. We’re even!

    See you in a few weeks!


    April 29, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      Ah, thanks. I will go back and edit that I like spelling things correctly. I’m looking forward to going to Abbott’s.
      I’m sorry you got that impression. Both my dad and grandfather are landlords and I know that it can be quite the headache.
      I do agree a terrible place with a wonderful landlord is better than a terrible landlord with a wonderful place. That’s why we ruled out the water-front home where the landlord would share our kitchen. The other place I mention literally looked like such a dump the landlord didn’t bother to lock it. That’s why we crossed that place of the list. The little house you saw with us had decent seeming landlords, as did the landlord at our current place. Didn’t write about him mostly because I didn’t want to jinx it lol. I really liked him as well.
      And you are right, an update is most needed. I’m really not great at following up with it. I’m working on it though.
      It did work out wonderfully, and that we even had a chance to do this at all was wonderful of you and your roommate for opening up your apartment to us. I do know many people prayed for us, and though I’ve told most of them in person I know there are many who haven’t heard.

      Even, yes we are. And I will see you in 2 weeks and 5 days, i think… ๐Ÿ™‚


      April 29, 2012

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