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Challenge: Pray Boldly

Today I attended Bryan’s parents church while he was home for the weekend (the second to last time he comes home before the wedding!). The message was about praying and praying bold prayers. Rather than ‘Dear Lord, please give me a good day.’ we were encouraged to pick big, bold things, things that would be impossible to us. Sure, you can argue that having a ‘good day’ isn’t entirely in your control. But what about having the chance to witness to someone? change your workplace? allow yourself to see a negative situation in a positive light?or as Evan from Evan Almighty prayed to ‘change the world’?

Currently I struggle with maintaining my sunny disposition in the face of a new work week. Sunday comes and I feel the pressure bearing down. In spite of only having two weeks left at my job I still find it so hard to go to work when many of the people are downtrodden and discouraged, plodding through the weeks slowly and wearily. I don’t want to be like that.

At a past job I was nicknamed ‘Sunshine’ because I never stopped smiling. My name references the brightening of one’s day. But I’m struggling. And I’ve been trying too hard on my own to make the smiles come and let the hard things roll of my back. It’s impossible for me at this point. So here is my bold prayer.

‘Lord, please reawaken in me my optimism, and my cheerful heart. Let these last weeks be good because I shine light for you, not because of the circumstances that go on around me. Allow me to leave with my head held high knowing I’ve honored you in my actions and words, and please make these past 9 months worth it for your benefit. Rejuvenate me as only you can.Β  Amen.’

How can you pray boldly?

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