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Bridal Shower Survival Guide

I’d known for months my bridesmaids were throwing me a Bridal Shower on March 24th. I was already so very excited to see all of their hard work manifested in a shower, and as I was getting ready I got the call from *Tim Allen that we were approved as renters for the New England house we really like I practically went over the moon!

So many lovely ladies on ‘my side’ came out. I had mom’s family, dad’s family, church ladies and some friends. The girls threw me a tea party! The decorations were beautiful and very thoughtfully done. There were 5 tea sandwiches, pasta and fruit salads, chicken salad that was divine, and other yummy munchies I’m forgetting since I took my grand time writing this post. The food was delicious. The cake was adorable and had the invitations design piped on the front, there were also scones, cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Needless to say, I think everyone that came was stuffed!

I know this is only my second shower, so really, what do I know. But in my experience they are almost overwhelming. In a good way of course, but still over whelming! Here is what I’ve learned:

1) As the bride you want to personally greet and thank each person for coming. (At least in my case there were a lot of people to say hi to!)

2)You want to eat (but really who has the time?).

3) Then there are presents. Almost as many presents as people at the shower (some people do go in together which means you may have a few less). I wouldn’t think you need to be told to open the card first and make eye contact with the person who gave it to you, but people like giving gifts, or at least like to see you excited about what they got you (even if you did pick it out) so make a point of telling them you are opening you gift. After you open it say thank you and smile with it.

4)Smile. It is inevitable that funny faces will be captured on camera, because people are taking pictures the entire time you open it seems, but if you can remember to smile after each present is opened (and for several seconds) you have a chance that the unflattering picture of you talking while holding up the present will be deleted. It’s rare but it did cut down on funny pics after my second shower.

5) Skirt length. You have two choices. Wear something that shows off your legs, or wear something that covers a bit more. The nice thing about wearing something that goes past your knees is it makes present opening a lot easier, but both times I opted to wear knee-length or shorter skirts so I also had to keep leg positioning in mind.

6) Thank yous. It is my personal opinion that your guest went out of their way to go buy you a gift (even if it is from your registry). They also wrapped (or had it wrapped) then they either shipped it to you, or came to your shower/wedding/graduation party/what have you. They deserve a hand-written thoughtful thank you. Not a typed card, not a self-addressed envelope at the shower, and not a form letter where you just change the type of gift. You ought to thank them for coming/mailing the present. Tell them you like it. Tell them where you will use it. Express a personal connection (it was good to see you in church on Sunday/I look forward to seeing you at the wedding) and then thank them again. I have heard the argument that brides have a lot to do and we should cut them some slack, but really, who doesn’t? Most women today run a house, have a job, and schlep their kids from event to event. Ah, one last thing: they should be sent out in a reasonable amount of time.

Disclaimer: I’m not Emily Post. Your methods may vary when it comes to any or all of my ‘survival points’. That’s fine. These are just my, and my etiquette book’s opinion.

Back to my shower: The shower was at my church, and my cousin’s E, J, and S got there early to decorate and make it look so gorgeous! They had teapots of flowers on every table, a wedding dress balloon and two heart balloons tied to my chair, and wedding bells and poms, and lanterns hanging from the shades on the windows. It was so bright and cheery in there. I felt so loved by the three of them. E did a great job choosing the decorations, and even though J and S aren’t bridesmaids they did so much to make it pretty and so special for me.

Bridesmaid R planned the games, and got the prizes together. Her games were cute and not embarrassing, so I owe her one for that. No wads of bubblegum in my mouth! πŸ™‚ In addition, she also hosted a little dessert bash for my bachelorette the night before, (no full post needed: dinner out with some great friends, dessert and presents that will remain under wraps! πŸ˜‰ ) Bridesmaid N couldn’t make it due to work (boooooo) but she still sent a pretty tea infuser favor to send the ladies home with! Bridesmaid S was way far away and also couldn’t make it, but she chipped in to make it lovely as well. And MOH S? She handled a bulk of the food with help of GM M’s girlfriend C. (Brother of groom/groomsman)

I left feeling overwhelmed with love and fellowship from women that have all had a role in my life in some way. I felt so infinitely blessed and so very excited to celebrate with them all again in two months time at the wedding!

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