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Is moving ever fun? The process of packing, canceling services and transporting all of your possessions is not in fact fun. However the chance for new adventures, new experiences, and a fresh start are in a way, fun.

Bryan has been home a couple weekends in the last month and we’ve been busy carting van-load after van-load from my parents house, to his parents house, doing our best to pack everything as tight as possible to do the smallest amount of loads possible. For you see, this week the movers come to pack up all of our earthly belongings and begin the drive to CT.

When Bryan first called me about the potential to interview for the job in CT I know he had reservations. Most of them were either of moving, or leaving his current place behind. Looking back, he is glad God has blessed us with this opportunity to expand and move on, especially since CT was on our list of ‘someday we will move here places’.

Wrapping up life in PA wasn’t that bad for Bry. He borrowed his parents van and moved one load at a time over three weekends. Then there were several loads from my house to his parents. But thankfully the movers will take over from here. Sure, he still has to call the electric company in CT, the internet service provider, and the gas provider. But this surprising blessing of relocation being paid for was more than we ever expected. Especially in this financial climate. I find it so cool when God chooses to answer prayer requests in a bigger and better way than I’ve ever imagined. It really highlights how awesome He is, and how much our lives would miss out on if we only get what we asked for instead of what He answers with. And I don’t just mean in the prayers he says yes to. I can think of multiple occasions where prayers were answered no, but out of the pain and anguish of loss God’s greater plan was revealed, through a beauty and change you’d never have expected.

Boy, that got pretty far off the track of moving, but thanks for bearing with me. Any prayers that have been answered in a totally different way than what you were asking?

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