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That’s a Wrap!

I’ve been told I’m neglecting you all. Sad to say I have, the last I mentioned housing in CT, Bryan and I had finished up a crazy weekend (March 17-18th! wow a long time ago) filled with apartment hunting and checking out some of the sights. All of this was thanks to a college friend of ours who let us crash for the weekend. He gave his opinion and was a lot of fun to have our ‘tour guide’ drive around with us.

Of course I mentioned what we were looking for, and that we had seen a house in a good location. This was the house with the pink tile in the bathroom. When we stopped by to see the place we were all (college friend included) struck by the landlord. Something about his looks, but definitely his humor has made him forever dubbed ‘Tim Allen’. For example: while seeing the basement I noticed the washer/dryer. Having gotten mixed up with which place came with what appliances (I’m not that organized after all) I asked if they came with. *Tim Allen completely straight faced said, “well, I don’t know, do you wash your clothes?” Such dry humor totally belonged on Home Improvement.

Now, the one down-side to this place was that it was currently on the market. They had been trying to sell it, so we had to wait to see if it would sell, or we would be approved to rent it. We felt resolved that we would wait to find out, and were happy to drive back to PA, already thinking of the cedar shake house as ‘our house’.

We waited a week, when good old *Timmy called us back and said he and his family would be glad to have us rent the house! We were and are still, so excited about this house.

Unfortunately, all of the photos I have of it that would give credit to the source also list it’s address (as they are real estate listings) so if you are interested, you will just have to wait for a photo tour once we get the keys!

*Tim Allen is a fake name. πŸ™‚

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  1. sailboatmiss #

    I should add. The house does come with the washer/dryer!


    April 29, 2012

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