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Challenge: a Mother Daughter Version

I’m sitting watching the movers from inside my future in-laws house. It’s crazy to see all of our collective earthly belongings getting packed up: wrapped up in blankets and boxes and packing tape.Β  It’s even crazier to think the next time I see any of this stuff I’ll be married. But before that actually happens I’m tackling a to-do list, but before I get there I’m stuck a reminiscing mood.

For the majority of my life I’ve been an only girl, with three brothers. That’s a lot of boy. Mom and I banded together more so than just a typically mother-daughter relationship. I’m the oldest, and it was just mom and me (well and dad, but he’s a boy and doesn’t count according to this post πŸ™‚ ) We spent hours walking around (me riding in a stroller) in Colorado, going to the pool and playing in the yard. Unfortunately all of these memories are for me; stories told and pictures laughed at. We just went through tons of pictures last week and I couldn’t help but laugh at many of them. Mom loved dressing me up in hats and pretty dresses.

Then there are the pictures of driving through Yellowstone and living in Germany. Mom and I (along with Dad and Bran) traipsed all over Europe. Traveling at a young age gave me the guts and courage to be completely fine doing it on my own as an adult. I don’t get fazed in long lines, or when faced with signs in a language I don’t know. I thank my parents for that. We spent even more time walking through our pretty village of Bann, in Germany, and walking up the large hill that led to our little village, we’d take sugar cubes and feed the horses. (I did this a lot with dad too, in fact one time I remember Brandon and I asking Dad what grass tasted like or if it was edible (since the horses ate it so much) dad said sure it is give it a try. It tasted very green, like bitter leaves. Or really like the way grass smells when it’s freshly cut) These memories make the transition to ‘stories i’ve been told’ to actual memories of my own.

The Mother/daughter adventures didn’t stop there however we moved again, and again, and my two youngest brothers(al and andy) joined our family so now we were a family of 6. Mom and I got closer than ever doing all the girly things the guys wanted no part of. Shopping, baking, cooking, knitting/crocheting, etc were what we did while the boys did all their sports. Mom helped me get ready for all my big events, concerts, plays, and proms. And then I went off to college. Our mother/daughter time came fewer and far between. So we started coming up with a list of things we would do. Our rituals. We would always attempt to get as much in as we could before I left again.

That has evolved into our bucket list. Yes, we have a bucket list. And, it’s not a list of things to do before we die, rather it’s a list of things to do before I get married and move four hours away. It’s based loosely on our ‘rituals’ or ‘traditions’ that we did every time I came home from college.

The list is as follows:

a stop at a local antique store: we always find fun treasures and the store isn’t filled with just little bits of junk, it has lots of bigger items and sets up their stuff in ways to make cute little rooms. (i’ve posed in several of these rooms)

a weekend beach trip is a must. ever since high school at least once in the off season we make sure we hit OCNJ for some non-trafficked fun.

tea at a quaint little tea room is on the list as well for us. Looking forward to our pots of tea and yummy nibbles, reminiscent of my time in London we started this little tradition to have a taste of England.

a final exploration of the local Home Goods

eating lunch at Wegmans (sushi for me please)

Mother/Daughter Banquet at church (can’t miss my last living-at-home Mother/daughter church event)

walk around Macy’s shoe department

painting in the kitchen (i’ll have to borrow some of mom’s supplies as all of mine are packed up)

reading/coffee on the porch (great way to start the day!)

sitting by the pool (all day every day! I wish :-/ )

I think we are up for the challenge. We’ve hit Homegoods and Macy’s. Mother/Daughter Banquet and the beach are this weekend. And amid the list minute flurries of wedding planning we will hit the rest.

Here’s to many more funny pictures and good memories to be made over the years to come. Love you mom. xxoo

p.s. i’m so glad Kenzie is here so it’s not just you and all the boys. loves ❀

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  1. i love this, Court! Praise God for the great relationship you have with your Mom! You are both blessed to have each other πŸ™‚


    May 3, 2012
  2. Carrie #

    Have fun with your very special mama (one of my favorite people!). You are blessed to have her, Courtney. What fun memories you will make BEFORE the wedding – as well has many others AFTER.


    May 3, 2012
  3. sailboatmiss #

    thanks ladies πŸ™‚ we are very blessed!


    June 2, 2012

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