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10 Day Forecast

Wow. It’s finally getting here. Looking ahead for the 19th, the ten day forecast is showing a high of 76 degrees,mostly cloudy, but only 10% chance of rain. Of course it so not even accurate since it’s so far away, but it’s nice not seeing rain forecast that day! Everything is wrapping up. Props for the photobooth have been made, or bought. The photobooth is ready to go (thanks to Bry). The programs are being printed and will be on their way soon. The candy for the candy bar is chilling in the jars. My dress fits. The girls are all sorted. The guys had a last minute change to bow ties instead of regular ties (more James Bond like). We confirmed with all of the vendors, everyone is on point. Our honeymoon was confirmed, and re-confirmed! I’ve started packing and I know I’ll have more than enough, but I’ll have a husband now to roll my bag…kidding. I mean I will have one, but I’m tired of what I typically do which is: pack what I need and end up wishing I had something else, so that’s not happening this trip! So, everything for the wedding is rolling along fine. What about at home?

Our Mother/Daughter activities of last weekend went well. We enjoyed the banquet, and the beach was so refreshing. We walked the boards, and the beach, and got the requisite seafood, salt water taffy, and fudge. It was a fun relaxing time. Kenzie loved riding in her stroller up and down the boards. It helped that almost every store was having major stores so it was worth while to stop and browse! Of course we still have all the relaxing things to do, like coffee on the porch, laying by the pool, and painting in the kitchen. Painting in the kitchen probably won’t happen because all my stuff is packed and when the weather gets this nice outside who wants to sit inside?

Of course, just as mom and I have things we have to do when I’m around my dad has worked hard to have fun things to do with his kids as well. Breakfast with dad was started several years ago, and each week during the summer he would rotate through who joined him for breakfast that week. Dad and I had breakfast this week, and we will do so again next week. It’s always nice to hang out with dad.

Who knows what this next week will hold weather-wise, but all that really matters is that we will be married at the end of the day. Everything else is just sugar on top! Have a good week!


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