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Giving fresh life to a memory

Scottish Robin

Stumbling through my drafts of old posts, here is one that I finished January 9th, 2012 but was over-looked in favor of Bryan’s new job, and the apartment search.

In November a friend passed away. He was an art inspiration for me, he was dedicated and have an insane attention to detail. He loved art and was very talented. His mom was recently doing some clean out and came across some art supplies of his and thought of me. This has been such a blessing! In spite of my bachelor of science in art I have not been good about so much as even picking up a paintbrush since the end of last January, when my senior show was complete. But having these watercolors sitting in my room for the last couple days have really been the nudge I needed.

Feathering our nest will mostly be done on a minimal budget. There will not be an excess to spend at HomeGoods, and so I’ve been excitedly making some Christmas decorations. (Look for those to appear as we get closer to the holiday season) But I wanted something that would be a bigger part of our home. I wanted to make something I wouldn’t only have out for a couple of months.

Lilac Breasted Roller

Dusky Thrush

Recently I’ve found myself fascinated by birds. So I spent several hours (again, that weird almost obsessive fascination I have when I focus on something) browsing my image stores looking at birds. I found a couple I was happy with and made some small watercolors.

This was the perfect solution for some frames I had in boxes from Mommom’s kitchen. Old wood frames with sad little pictures of teacups inside. I took out the teacups and painted on black sating matte paint and then rubbed the excess off. I loved the look, you may have seen this little birds pop up on facebook.

Now that I’ve been painting more birds and other things I’m on the lookout for cheap frames and I’ll paint the frames for some unity across the collection.

I love this because I’ll have something to hang on my kitchen wall, and I’ll remember some very dear people in a happy way with these images.

And now, living in the house, I haven’t uncovered our hammer yet, but the landlord left a bunch of nails in the walls. One of these little birds is already hanging in my kitchen. It makes me smile every time I see it. Mission Accomplished!

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  1. That sounds so awesome, Courtney. I have been loving the birds look lately too. I’d love to see your paintings! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and following you and Bryan as you settle into married life. Isn’t it fun!? 🙂


    June 15, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      thanks Ali! I’ve realized over the last several months that birds automatically catch my eye. Thankfully I don’t often open my wallet to follow the eye…lol. Married life is great, and I do believe I have several photos of some of the bird paintings on facebook, I’ll link you in a comment! Thanks for reading!


      June 15, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      I take it back. Couldn’t find a pic on facebook, so I added one to the post!


      June 15, 2012

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