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Book Review: Day of War

I’m a reading fanatic. I was one of those kids (if any more than just me exist) who read every book in the house. I’m not kidding. I read all the kids books, I read the christian encouraging type books, I even read the parenting books. A book has to be pretty darn dry, or just plain vulgar to be passed over. I tend to gravitate towards fiction books that make you think, and I’ve gotten decent at unraveling plots, though I do try not to anymore to enjoy the story.

I’ve been utilizing the free Nook app, that lets you read on just about an electronic device: computer, tablet, phone, etc. Within this app they do have free books available for download. Most aren’t worth reading, but at least once every time I flip through looking for a good book, there are decent books there, that authors have released for a limited time to up the interest in their books.

One of the books I found was Day of War. It’s Christian fiction, but it’s based liberally on the time in David’s life when he was fighting for Saul, while still not being wholly trusted. Written from one of his men’s perspective, a man named Benaiah, it explores what David’s mighty men thought of him, of his relationship with Yahweh, and the nuances that went on behind the scenes. The book includes snowy lion fights, Amalekite raids, and Philistine marches. One caveat, the book, though well written is about battles, so if you are faint of heart this probably isn’t the book for you. Also, the men who ‘star’ in it, are not 21st century American church-goers. They think of women, and their language and jokes aren’t always stellar (though it still is a christian book, so you know it’s not that crazy). Nonetheless, its is a lens into who these men were, adds to the plot and in my opinion, didn’t detract.  Keep in mind, the biblical events were interpreted by another human being (Cliff Graham) so take what you read with a grain of salt. All in all it was a good book, one I will keep downloaded and will re-read. And, as it’s only the first in a series, it looks as though I will be saving up my book money for the next book in the series.

If you read it I hope you enjoy it!

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