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All Quiet on the Western Front

No, It’s not really a war reference. Just that simply, life is settling in.

Our house is really starting to feel like a home. We got rid of the hunter green walls in the family room,  the pink/peach paint in the bedroom is gone replaced by a neutral named Raffia Cream, a color Bryan likes a lot more. If you are looking to paint your house any time soon check out the Behr Ultra, paint and primer in one and low odor to boot, we even slept in our bedroom the day I painted it!

My dinning room hutch is painted, an end table refinished from yellow oak to a distressed walnut look. I have an art nook set up, and the paint brushes are being used (probably shouldn’t have told you that, since that will take away any and all motivation to paint, but I’m hoping not!) Next up for the house is painting the trim in the bedroom (back to white since intermittently it was painted pink/peach), hanging some gallery walls, and getting some wedding photos up on the walls. Of course, not all is perfect since the outdoor furniture we ordered from Home Depot that was supposed to be delivered three weeks ago isn’t all here…we only have a table and that’s not exactly conducive to outdoor dinning, o well. They have apparently sent replacement chairs.

I’ve had some really yummy endeavors in the kitchen. I really had no idea how much I liked bread until I made the cinnamon raisin bread on a complete whim to surprise Bryan, and then last week I attempted the artisan bread in the cast iron pot. Both recipes got 5 stars in our house! I found the baked chicken fajitas on pinterest and have been cooking out of my collection of cookbooks too. My go-tos right now are the Good Housekeeping Cookbook (Tyson bridal shower present), Make it or Buy it (Christmas present) and Impossible to Easy (Robert Irvine meet and greet souvenir). I haven’t hit a bad recipe yet!

Being this close to the beach has been awesome. I may actually get a tan this summer! The America’s Cup Race on Saturday was really fun and I even got to see my Aunt and Co. who came down for a day. This week Bry and I are heading to the Jersey Shore to see my family and all in all it’s been relaxing and fun, in spite of the go, go, go of it all.

And yes, I’ve even started a job hunt. I’m holding out for an art related one however…and I did apply to a couple promising ones last week. So, here’s praying that the right one will come along soon!

That’s all for now, today is a busy day. Groceries (check), Target (check) Homegoods (check) Crockpot Chicken Tacos (in process) Laundry (yet to do). Job hunt some more (yet to do) House cleaning (pssh…).

But it all has to get done before tonight, because tonight Bry and I are going to Abbot’s for some lobster for a very belated one month celebration. Thanks mom for thinking of us, it was something we’ve been looking forward to for a couple weeks now!

What’s on your plate for this gloriously hot summer Monday?

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