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Unexpected Answer to Prayer

The humorous thing is I just wrote a post on courage.

God is so cool. Seriously. So cool. I’ve been a job stalker on craigslist for about a week. I’ve applied to several jobs, and thankfully we have a bit of a flexibility money wise that I was able to stop pursuing several of those jobs as I realized the fit wouldn’t be great. Before I took to the web for a job I started to walk the local riverfront street that is filled with antique stores, thrift stores and a few art galleries. The first gallery I walked I didn’t have a sense of peace, so I simply walked out. A few stores down was an antique store I really enjoyed and just flat out asked if they were hiring. They weren’t, but she seemed interested anyways and took my number letting me know it would be part-time and sporadic. There was one gallery Bryan and I walked past but they were closed at the time. I had noticed a small fish on the sign though, one very reminiscent of the early Christian symbol. Since it was closed, and we were looking for a place to eat dinner I forgot about it.

That is until today when I was heading downtown to look for a room divider screen but the antique store was closed and I ‘just so happened’ to see the sign for the gallery again (thanks God!). Since I had time to kill (I had planned on going out) I walked in. The lady quickly hung up the phone and was friendly. I felt reasonable in asking about a job, though I was resume-less and in a tank and denim skirt. L. was really chatty and friendly and went off to speak to the owner. S, the owner, came in herself and had a chat. What did I think I could add to the gallery, what skills did I have, what sort of availability did I have, etc. Of course once I mentioned Messiah College, she asked if I’d seen the sign. I explained I had and it had led me to come in and ask, kind of how I felt the early Christians must have done it. After our chat, she asked me to send her my resume and I hurried home to do so.

No less than an hour later I got a call from L. The first lady I had met was inviting me to church where her and her husband lead the ‘life-builders’ Sunday School class filled with young people like Bry and me settling down. She also invited us to come over for iced tea, and invite Bry to her husband’s prayer group that meet at Bry’s work! I thought that in itself was an answer to prayer because we’ve really been looking to get plugged in and meet people our age and our stage. I thought that was incredible as I’d just been talking to a dear friend of mine yesterday about what in the world I was going to do with myself and how frustrated I was that I was missing my support groups back home. She encouraged me to just pray about it and reminded me that God has a plan and he’d bring me to wherever I was supposed to go. So now, we had a new place to try to meet young married people.

But it didn’t stop there. Then the owner got on the phone and said she was really impressed with the way I interacted with her, and my resume looked great (thank you Belgravia Gallery, for letting my intern there while I was in London) and wanted to know if I could come in on Monday (we’d already discussed I’d be out of town from Thurs-Sunday to spend time with family). So Monday, 10 am. I’ll be back in the art field. Exactly where I’ve wanted to be since I interned in London fall of 2009. I don’t have to spend countless hours trying to transfer my teaching license, I don’t have to give up my dream of entering the art world, and since it’s part-time, and only 5 minutes from home I’ll still be able to pursue my art. And the cherry on top? I could sell work there too!

The amazing-ness(new word!) of it all brought me to tears and happy jumps and reminded me of how I felt when Bryan got this job. It also made me wish I’d never forget how it felt to know with certainty because it is just so visible how God watches out for us. But I guess that just makes it even more poignant when he sweeps us off our feet in better ways than we could ever imagine. The closest likeness I can get to that is being a teen or young adult and picturing what a selfless husband/wife love would feel like, even as I was dating Bry, and then when it actually comes to pass (being married) it’s a million times better than you could ever possibly imagine.  Folks, I’m on cloud 999. Thank you God!

What has been something you’ve been praying for? Let’s pray together!

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  1. mrsailboat #

    I’m so proud of you Love!


    July 9, 2012

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