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First Day: Check

Well, the first day at the gallery wrapped up well, and I sunk onto the couch tired after a long day. Long, but good. You know how when you start something new the first few days you are tired out, drained, even if the day wasn’t really that strenuous? Well that was me today.

I fit right in though, the youngest by 40 years it seemed across the board. The owner S, reminds me of my grandmother, the bookkeeper J, only works a couple of days a week, and is a grandmother. The two guys, both J, are either the 82 year old molding cutter, (who has never been in the hospital a day in his life and reminded me of Dick Van Dyke), and the second J, the previous owner (mostly retired), and a man half a foot shorter than myself, who hand cuts the mat. Granted, all of them but the owner work part-time, and I really have no idea who else works there, but it did crack me up that I’m so much younger. The amazing thing is they all are Christians. And with each new Christian I met today, the owner first told the story I told you all about last week, when I walked into the gallery because of a fish on a sign, and walked out because of a job. What a way to meet people, hearing over and over again it was all God, what a day at work!

I was tasked with tidying up shop after the big weekend show and though that went pretty well. It was a fun day, a busy day, but a good one. For now I’ll be working two days a week, but only until the lady I’m filling in for recovers from her surgery. Of course I’m praying for her to heal quickly, but then again, I don’t want my time here at the gallery to wrap up to soon either. The good news is I’m gathering my knit-wear and will most likely be selling that at the gallery once I’m organized. So, even if this doesn’t turn into a permanent thing like I’m praying, it still will give me a foot in the door in the local art scene. I’m feeling blessed.

On a very different and unrelated note, our wedding pictures are up on the photographers website, you can see them here. What do you think?

What do you remember from entering a new job?

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  1. mrsailboat #

    When do I get to come visit?


    July 9, 2012
    • sailboatmiss #

      well since you work when I do….haha.. maybe we will check it out on a weekend πŸ™‚


      July 9, 2012
  2. messyme #

    So happy for you.!!


    July 10, 2012

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