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August: Looking forward

Happy August Everyone! How is it August already? I can hardly believe it. Though the weather lately has felt like fall! All the cool days and rain. Today looks like it’s back to the mid 80s though, that’s more like it! I’m looking forward to hitting the beach a few more times.

So much has been going on, but rather than dragging by the days seem to fly (quite unlike my last job pre-marriage) and it seems like I can barely catch a break! Life has been building in activities here in our little household. We love it, but it makes it hard to blog…during the days I’ve either been working or painting (hooray!) and at night we really try to spend time together, or at our weekly bible study, or a night or two with friends. We had a massive picture hanging session over the weekend and it’s certainly looking like we are putting down some solid roots here in our little house. I wish it was a house we owned instead of rented, but that can come later (maybe even next year? who knows!). All I do know is that it’s hard to rip stickers off the guest room wall and get rid of the maroon color since I don’t own it. Not sure if it’s worth all that time! ha. Guess all of our guests will be enjoying the maroon walls, pastel stickers, and bright rainbow fan a little longer!

In other news: It’s been really encouraging to see how each week our little circle of new friends grows a tiny bit…little by little we are getting to know more people at church. That certainly helps being new to the area and so far away from family and old friends. Later this month we have a visit from my parents and most of my siblings (Bran will be at college), and my maid of honor will also be swinging by for a few days! I’m very excited about both of those visits! To bad they have to stay in the funky guest room!

And at work, I’ve just been put in charge of the gallery’s facebook page and website and starting with the next show that goes up I’ll be sending out the advertising for the various shows we will be putting on at the gallery. It’s a stark contrast to compare working at Belgravia Gallery and Studio 33 Art and Picture Framing. Belgravia Gallery has a very clean modern website with lots of information. It’s clear they have put a ton of work into it. They also have a very different gallery though as well. Their gallery, just like their website is clean and minimally designed. It’s a totally different feel to Studio 33’s space. Two walls for artwork, some shelves and display areas for other pieces, it even has a card rack! It is much more homey and is filled with local art (instead of global) and treasures. But I do think it needs some streamlining. Both the owner and I agree the card rack has to go, but she’s tried in the past and people complained about not having it. I will admit it is nice to pick up something for a gift and grab a card as well, or just pop in when you are downtown. The gallery/picture framing shop also seems to be a gift shop. It works. It’s something needed in the area, but it’s up to me to give it a bit more unity. Already we have plans to build a wider window shelf (that will get rid of a bunch of smaller mismatched tables (yippee!) and build a second cabinet (more display space and get rid of an old low coffee table). So it’s coming. But it’s one step at a time. And of course, it’s hard to justify changes out front when the money is made through picture framing out back and that takes all the time we can spare.

All of this, the friends, job, the pursuit of my own art, has hit me just how much I need to network and build relationships with people in the area to rejuvenate not only Studio33’s web presence but build more friendships, and ultimately succeed in getting my own artwork out there. It’s next to impossible when most of my contacts and friends are four hours away and I have all of six local friends to get to events. I’m sure that will change little by little. If you are at all interested to see where I work, go here If you are feeling really generous like the page! Even if you aren’t anywhere near local, just liking and interacting with any content you like (stuff I’ll be posting!) will help get the word out locally as well! I’ve discovered it’s the one cool thing about ‘stalking’ on facebook! Thanks so much!

Have you ever found yourself needing to network? Any tips or suggestions?

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