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The Waiting Game

By now, you may know that Bryan and I are in the process of buying a house. We’ve spent tons of time looking. Hooray for the internet for making it easy to get rid of the duds! We kept our search area small: we wanted short commutes to work, and really love the vibe of our city. Crossing the bridge of 95 on a scooter is not an easy task (one must take the bike path across and it’s quite narrow and not fun), so that kept our search west of the Thames River. If we went any further west than New London the prices of real estate got higher, the options were much more limited, and though that town is less populated, it could have been any rural town, particularly one from back home where our parents live. We both love the water, and wanted our home to have a real Connecticut vibe.

When we first started picturing a home, we went very traditional. The American Dream you could say, with a white picket fence and shutters on the windows and a big wide porch. Not many homes up here are like that, it’s mostly the Victorian style that has the possibility for a house like that. As our search went on we realized that the Victorian houses, though really appealing on the exterior were just to fussy on the inside. Thanks to Zillow and Trulia we saw all the homes on the market in New London and narrowed it down to a few possibilities.

Just two days before Hurricane Sandy hit we put an offer in on the contemporary house pictured in an earlier post. Through a round of negotiations, we ended up with a final price that is a much better number than what we thought we’d pay for it thanks to some advice on being aggressive to start with.

Of course then the Hurricane came, and the house fared well, minus losing a few shingles and being without power for a week. Since we have a government loan that will take a bit of time to go through we scheduled the inspection for this past Saturday, so if things don’t go well we still have time to find some other place. The inspection took 4 hours (the longest one our realtor had ever been at) but the inspector seemed to do a very thorough job. And now it’s back to waiting. We have five days to see what the seller has to say about the corrections we are asking for. So, by Thanksgiving Eve we will know, or will be once again in some negotiations.


The powder room.


View of the Kitchen/Open Dinning area.

I took a few pics of the house. I hope you enjoy 🙂 The first pic is of the kitchen/

dinning area. It was completely redone 4 years ago and is really nice. I like the black cabinets, and the granite counter tops. The appliances come with to so that’s really cool. The light fixture doesn’t seem to go, but I plan to swap it with the Master Bedroom light for now and I think it will suit both rooms much better.

The powder room reminds me of a Bond movie. I love the taps for hot/cold, and the floor has held up well. If i can just change out the wall paper for something more black/white graphic, or gray it would really update the place. And of course that sink, is straight out of my grandparent’s house. Maybe in time that would change too!


The Master Bedroom.

The Master bedroom is big and airy. There is also a large closet and en suite bathroom which would be such an upgrade! Notice the light? While it’s nice, it certainly seems a bit more ‘eating area’. This room also has one wall of wallpaper, the wall at the head of the bed. It’s pastel and textured, very Key West retirement. That too would go.


The Family Room

The last room I’ll show today is electric. Electric Blue that is. I don’t actually mind this carpet, though Bryan doesn’t like it. It probably doesn’t bother me because I can’t help but think of my Mommom and Poppop’s house that had a room of purple carpet, and one of green carpet, for my mom and her sister. Granted the blue wouldn’t really go with the charcoal gray couch we have and all the natural toned accessories, but we will see what happens. One thing I know is that paneling will need a coat of paint, and I’ve already read tutorials on painting paneling. I’m ready to go!

How did your home buying process go? Long inspection? Funny dated things here and there throughout your house? Did you build, buy an old one, or rent? Any advice you have for a first timer?

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  1. Looks like a great home!


    November 17, 2012
    • thanks! We are very excited about it!


      November 28, 2012

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