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Tie a Bow on it:

2012 is a wrap! Well almost, and a something needed to happen to get me back on here.

I spent the month of December making the majority of the Christmas presents for our friends and family. I made countless bottles of hot sauce, vanilla extract, candles, spice blends, as well as painted the bird for the Christmas cards, some other paintings, and the most time intensive project ever: hand sewn fruits and vegetables for my baby sister to play grocery with. She really loves the watermelon slice, and the broccoli. I hope she likes them but doesn’t destroy them….I have a feeling that was the only set I’ll ever make.

The year 2012 certainly had it’s ups and downs globally, but looking back I can certainly see how blessed I am. I married my best friend, moved to live near the sea, and spent good time with family while they were visiting our new home and we went back to see them. We’ve found a good church and really gotten plugged in. God has truly blessed us and I just can’t wait to see what will happen in 2013!!

God Bless!

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