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Welcome 2013!

How did you ring in the New Year? After a quick jaunt up to Hartford to see some friends we had an impromptu gathering at out house to usher in the New Year. And our gathering was only 2 additional people, but we still had a blast. Literally! After enjoying some apps, we danced our tails off fora  couple hours to Just Dance, watched “Live and Let Die” one of the 23 bluray Bond movies I gave Bryan for Christmas, and started the year with a bang thanks to one of the friend’s fireworks collection, and my ever present sparklers. Did you go out or stay in?

New Year’s Day I bucked typically PA traditions of having pork and saurkraut. We had chili instead. Oops. The only way I like pork is when each tiny bite is smothered in a huge pile of ‘kraut, so I certainly didn’t mind and Bryan liked everything I cook, but a ‘traditional’ meal of our own would be nice. I have a full year to think about it, but what did you prepare?

After 12 glorious days of having Bryan home from work on the longest vacation of our year (longer even than the amazing honeymoon to St. Lucia) it was time to say goodbye this morning. Thankfully it’s a short week 🙂 Happy New Year!!

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  1. Fran B. #

    Was home, contentedly, making black eyed peas, steamed greens with garlicky EVO, and hot chipotle cornbread. And I am a Yankee but love Southern food. Oh and we watched a ton of good football too.


    January 2, 2013
    • Sounds like a cozy and delicious day! That cornbread sounds fabulous!


      January 3, 2013

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