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To do To dum

Ho Hum. It’s a day with some pretty necessary but dull to-dos!

Sean D. Elliot/The Day

Thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Ct, buying a home within 1000 ft of the water means many insurance companies are tapped out in the area, or now have requirements like storm shutters, hurricane shutters, impact resistant glass or hurricane resistant glass. Interestingly enough, the major difference between the ‘basic’ and ‘hurricane’ is 5 pounds additional weight in an impact…hmmm. One company will give us insurance, it’s our auto insurance provider as well (yippee) and once we get those storm shutters will give us a discount on our insurance as well! Hooray for that!

But wait, you’re thinking all the damage was in NJ/NY! Well, that’s not entirely so. We got hit with a pretty comparable water surge, though the winds were relatively decreased. Power outages were widespread and lasted for about a week and a half. I went to work with flashlights and dressed in layers a few days since there was no power but we had to get things done! Here is a photo of the street that runs behind ‘our’ beach after the waters receded (recognize that lighthouse from yesterday’s post?). The road has a good four/five inches of sand across it.  Long Island sound was up above the retention wall on the right and all along this shoreline road homes were flooded. New London made out much better than neighboring towns like Stonington Groton, Mystic and Niantic. Even though we are all along the shoreline many more homes were totally destroyed. So if I was an insurance company, I probably wouldn’t be interested in another home in the area I was backing. However our house, though it is within 1000 feet to the water  is on an elevation of 64 feet above sea level, and it only lost a handful of shingles in this storm. It certainly is a bit frustrating!

I can’t help but feel we need a couple other quotes to compare, even though the one from our current company, USAA, is a good one. State Farm, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Geico, Metlife, Progressive and I’m forgetting the others won’t cover us without those shutters I mentioned earlier, some even want us to have both the windows and the shutters! And since we don’t own the house that isn’t something we can fix right away…so anyways, I’m going to track down some quotes today.

Second on my to-do list fixing drain issues. Out of the blue, about the same time the sink and tub have stopped draining. Oh joy. I’d love to solve the problem without buying a bottle of draino, so I’ll be trying boiling water, baking soda and vinegar, and fishing around with a metal hanger, and if it comes to it….plunging. If you have any tips or tricks that involve things around the house let me know! I’ll take any help I can get! (of course I could just wait til Bryan gets home, but I’d really like to say I fixed it. It makes me a bit more handy, especially since he always fixes everything 🙂 ) Besides, wouldn’t that be a great surprise? Wife takes something OFF husband’s to-do list ?

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