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Patience is a virtue. It’s also something I thought I learned pretty well as a teenager in youth group when we were in a big van on our way to South Carolina from Pennsylvania. We had just driven through a toll booth one exit down the North East extension when a tire blew out. It may have been both rears, or just the right rear, I don’t even remember any more, it’s been that long. Anyways, we tried (read: the pastor and the other boys in the van tried) to loosen the lug nuts and change the tire themselves. The tires had just been changed and put on with whatever machine they use, instead of a tire iron. Whomp-whomp.

No luck there. So we called AAA explained the situation and asked for someone to come out with the power tool necessary. An hour or so later they send someone who only has a tire iron, and brilliant move here, goes to turn them as hard as he can to the RIGHT! Even as a not old enough to drive teenager I knew they needed to be turned to the left. So he leaves after he can’t help us and has stripped it.

So we call AAA again and several hours later they send a second guy with a tire iron. Not joke. He can’t do anything and also calls AAA. A couple hours later a tow truck finally comes to get us. We had been sitting on the side of a highway for 7 hours. He tows us to the nearest mechanics shop but by this point it is ten minutes past their closing time.

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Not to be thwarted after finally getting a move on my youth pastor’s wife she knocked on the door, smiled sweetly, explained the situation to the guy who grudgingly opened the door to talk to her and when she offered him the homemade brownies she had made for our trip to South Carolina they agreed to change the tire for us. Hooray for the power of homemade brownies!

That story has always been my ‘I earned my patience’ story. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I can never have to much patience, and somewhere along the way during this house buying process, I must have prayed for patience.

Our whole house buying process started very innocently. Shortly after we were married we began talking about how sick it made us to mail off a rent check each month and how it felt like throwing money away. So in late July we started driving around and looking at homes, because what was the harm? Plus we reasoned it would help us see what areas we did want to live in, and where we most definitely didn’t. I now feel like I know much of New London like the back of my hand. We spent our nights and weekends trolling sites like and It was so fun to look at houses. We watched old episodes of House Hunters on Netflix and within two weeks we had found a house we really liked and decided there was no harm in calling a realtor to see it. We reasoned that it would sell before we could buy it, and we’d love to see the inside.

So we called the realtor whose name was on the sign and got set up with an agent to see the house in mid August. Now, even though we liked this house it wasn’t for us. It needed a ton of work and much of it appeared expensive. We were so sad. We loved the charm, but not to be deterred, and still trying to be practical about our timeline, we went out a handful of times, every other or third week until we found the house. In total we saw seven houses. It was quirky, and needed some work, but not crazy expensive work. Work we could handle, like paint, and wallpaper removal. Plus it had amazing extras.

At the end of October we put in an offer (October 26-days before Hurricane Sandy hit-thankfully other than a few shingles the house was fine). Offer was accepted 48 hours later. We were ecstatic. From there, things slowed. We followed our end of the contract and got it inspected within two weeks (according to the contract the seller had 5 business day to respond). He didn’t respond. We moved on though and applied for the mortgage two weeks later (even though I had reservations since the sellers hadn’t gotten back to us. Bryan reasoned if later on we wanted to get out [due to the seller not sticking to his end of the contract], we could still get our earnest money back, if we had stuck to the contract, so applied we did.) The seller took a month and a day to get back to us after the inspection (December, instead of the 5 days). We negotiated the new additions due to the inspection and he accepted them (finally he responded in a typical house-selling 48 hours).

After several rounds of we need this and this (throughout November and December and even January) from the mortgage company we got approved for our mortgage just last week. And once again we are waiting on the seller. His house is vacant and we would like to push closing up (which he should love since then he won’t have to pay another month’s mortgage on it…)it’s been a week and we still haven’t heard. It’s getting hard to believe that all of these steps have taken so long. Usually from offer to closing is about 40 days according to Ours has been 74, and we still don’t have a closing date.

My realtor is a bit shocked it’s taken this long. I’m just relieved I’m not crazy!

And I guess I’m just earning some more patience along the way. Not to say I haven’t gotten completely impatient, but God’s got a plan and it will all come about when it is supposed to. We just have to keep on waiting.

Have you ever asked for patience? Looking back how did you experience waiting?

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  1. Our house-buying process was a nightmare! We first had a loan officer that did squat but we kept believing she would come through, so we held onto her… for EIGHT MONTHS. After that we switched loan officers and settled on the house 3 months later. Still crazy long.. and to top it off, we had given our landlords notice that we were moving out way early because they raised the rent and we figured we’d have the house sooner, so we moved in with family until closing on the house. It turned out to be seven months with them! Holy smokes! Now I do believe God used that time for good, but it was so not what we had planned! I had to bring my newborn baby back to a house that was not our own and teach him to sleep (which he never did well there anyhow) with others around. Talk about patience! I praise the Lord for bringing us through faithfully, though, and as a result I thank him EVERY DAY for this home I now sit in! πŸ™‚


    January 8, 2013
    • Praise the Lord indeed!! I had no idea you had such turmoil during that time. And it’s a good feeling we aren’t the only ones to have such interesting home buying experiences. So happy for you that you are in your home πŸ™‚
      I will say that I have really liked working with both our mortgage company and realtor, it’s this particular seller I could do without! (Interestingly enough he is a very public figure, who has been involved with town politics for quite some time, so everyone around here has strong opinions about him one way or the other. My feelings, (since I missed the election he ran and lost in) are simply I wish he would move a bit quicker! haha. Our own landlords are also raising the rent at the end of our lease, and are going to start showing the apartment already, as in this Saturday. Thankfully they will let us out of the lease early, and even though they let us get a pet they don’t know if future tenants might be as neat so we have to take all evidence of Gingersnap with us on Saturday. No clue where to go/what to do with a cat in our car for several hours!


      January 8, 2013

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