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Letting it Go:

Many of you have heard either via this blog, or via Facebook that we are moving into our new house within the month. And to prepare for moving out we have to not only keep our rental house in a landlord/prospective renter state, we(I) have decided enough is enough and we need to let some stuff go. After all, we didn’t like seeing junk laying around when we were out house-hunting, and no potential renters are going to want to see that either! Namely a large collection of boxes of childhood things that Bry has kept for years, hasn’t looked at them ages. These were boxes that were haphazardly packed by the movers (dumped everything in unceremoniously with little thought to actually fitting as much as possible in the boxes) and filled with who knows what.

So two nights ago we descended into the dark poorly lit basement to give some semblance of order to the ‘office’ space down there as well as get rid of things that we junk. A tally of some sort would have probably been entertaining, but suffice it to say that we threw away over 25 non-working pens, boxes that old cellphones, external hard drives, and other electronics came in. We re-sorted things into the desk drawers (which are really file cabinets handed down to us by my parents) and carried out a large moving box that I could have fit into sitting down filled to the brim with old papers, and junk.

Next we tackled the rest of the basement putting like with like and while the basement is not finished, and as Bryan says, is allowed to look like storage, it doesn’t give me heart palpitations from knowing that there is a lot of stuff we just need to let go off and have a clean slate.

It wasn’t all trash though we came up with 4 boxes of things that we could donate (granted most of it we had sorted earlier), things like really cheap college leftovers: random assortments of kitchen supplies, some old books, and even our closets were pared down.

We certainly didn’t make a big enough dent that we wouldn’t need a U-haul to move, but at least we don’t have the knowledge that there are some boxes we haven’t even looked at since we moved and who knows what we are hauling around.

Trust me, it feels great to let it go, even if it means you spent 3 hours in a poorly lit, spidery basement. Have you made a run to your local thrift store to donate recently? Or start small, gone through your pens/markers/highlighters? I bet there are some duds.


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