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The Cupcake Craze Has Only Just Begun

I don’t often write posts on the weekend. Bryan is home, and we try to spend our time together, so the blog stays off. Today however we uncovered one of those ‘treasures’ that just have to be shared. Today I had a fabulous cupcake. You’re probably thinking ‘Great, who hasn’t? Aren’t cupcakes all the rage? Or are they on their way out?’ I’m not typically a cupcake person, but today I ordered one.

Living in New London we are blessed. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. We like going to many of them, but due to the whole buying-a-house thing going out to eat doesn’t happen all that much. Well today for the first time (together) we went to Sweetie’s on Bank street in New London to get our very late lunch on. The draw of Sweetie’s is that it’s owned by two Johnson and Wales trained chefs who state on their website,

“We are opening as a “from scratch” shop.  Everything from the bread to the roast meat, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard are made from scratch without anything artificial.  Cakes, cookies, pies and muffins are baked fresh.”

Is your mouth watering yet? Bryan ordered the ‘Roasty Toasty’ roast beef, caramelized onions, and horseradish mayo (don’t forget it’s all made by Sweetie’s!) I ordered the soup of the day, which was Italian Wedding Soup (one of my faves), complete with shredded chicken, meatballs, escarole, carrots, celery, spices, and what appeared to be acini di pepi (a small pearl-like pasta) all in a yummy chicken stock. Both items were delicious, but since I wasn’t planning on blogging about it, they are unfortunately not photographed.

Sweetie's Bakery and Cafe

Sweetie’s Bakery and Cafe

Now, Sweetie’s desserts are regularly good, I have to eat one at least every other week (I work down the street and walk a lot for my job!). They have a nice selection always waiting for you in the display case. But what’s better than those? The ones that are so fresh they haven’t even made it into the display case. What inspired this blog post on a Saturday was a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate cupcake. Trust me, it wasn’t a boring cupcake. The cupcake was frosted with a  French Raspberry Buttercream, and then dipped (the butter cream that is) into Belgium Chocolate.  The raspberry flavor of the French Buttercream was soft and airy, subtly fruity and not overly sweet which was a nice balance to the rich (but not overly rich) chocolate of the cupcake. Ooh, we tried to split that in half but man oh man was it hard to not eat the other person’s half. The Belgium chocolate was still soft and melty. I almost, almost(!) picked up the cupcake wrapper to lick off the little bits of chocolate left behind. Trust me when I say this run don’t walk to Sweetie’s before they sell out. And if you aren’t lucky enough to live close and go get one right now, come visit us up here and we will make sure you get to go to Sweetie’s!

p.s. this photo is a Sweetie’s cupcake taken by them and uploaded on their Facebook. I ate my cupcake to quickly so had to use one of their photos for the sake of eye candy (or should I say cupcake?).

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  1. Suzanne Wurster #

    You’re making my mouth water now! 🙂 Sounds so delectable! I also think that you should be a food critic…your explanation is incredible and makes you want those foods so much! Artist/food critic…Courtney Tyson! Has a great ring!


    January 13, 2013
    • Aw thanks Suzanne! You are too sweet! I’ve learned good descriptors along the way since the only television I really watch is food related, like Top Chef or Iron Chef.


      January 13, 2013

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