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_____ Days of Winter

The days of winter are getting a bit stale, I’m starting to get a touch of cabin fever I think. We have approximately 17 days (I’ve heard closing can sometimes get pushed back) before we start moving and fixing up the new house so I’m a bit hesitant to paint any new pictures or start any new sewing projects because I know once life gets in the way it’ll be hard to finish them. And once our new house is ‘ours’ you know we will have millions of projects to do and not enough time to do them. So I’m doing my best to enjoy this ‘calm’ before the storm.

The nights and weekends of winter are getting a bit empty, with cold temps and winter weather there aren’t nearly as many activities to do around here as in the summer, and I can only watch so many TV shows (through Netflix or online) before my brain rebels.Β  I can’t miss Downton Abbey (can you believe what happened in episode 3?) or Top Chef (who went home!?!?), but I might only be able to make it through two shows before I have to do something else! The winter temps are always worth it when there is a fresh dusting of snow on the ground, and since the New Year began we have already had three decent snows that don’t disappear the next day!

The days of winter are starting to get a bit exploratory, the kitchen is the one room I can start projects in that aren’t going to last until we move. Things like homemade Greek yogurt, artisan bread, and attempted gourmet cooking is where my creative pursuits are going. Bryan is loving it and is starting to mention ‘underground’ or pop-up restaurant ideas to me. (Basically it’s ‘restaurants’ people go to in homes, I read about it a lot in London, and apparently he thinks I could swing it. After watching every Top Chef episode over the last 10 seasons, the idea of a ‘restaurant’ is a bit scary. (go figure!) It is an interesting and flattering concept though. Maybe someday…who knows!

The days of winter are getting a bit restrained, since I’m on a house-buying budget there really isn’t a whole lot of sense in wandering the mall or Home Goods, though I will sometimes roam Home Goods, because it reminds me of funny trips with mom. But then I see the ‘perfect’ something that would look so great somewhere in our new house, so I’ll stick it in my cart and wander the rest of the store before deciding I really didn’t need it yet, we don’t have the house!. It has been giving me great ideas for different areas, so even though I’m not spending anything there right now I probably go once a week to check things out anyways.

The days of winter are getting anticipatory, Pinterest and design blogs are great and all, but finding so many great ideas and not being able to do anything about it is like being told you can’t have the delicious, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies until after dinner. And so I pin and pine away, but am sitting on my hands exercising my patience, or not-so patient self. Bryan and I have had a lot of fun wandering furniture stores, in the same bent as Home Goods, it’s all look but don’t buy, but the imagining our future home is really fun. We can’t wait and know we are so blessed.

So life is filled with ups and downs of a million emotions, and even though I can’t wait until we are homeowners, I’m enjoying the last few days we have where if something goes wrong we don’t have to pay to fix it! Haha.

How are your days of winter treating you? Do you have a countdown til spring? πŸ™‚



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  1. Suzanne Wurster #

    I definitely agree! I am ready for spring…warmer weather and not so frigid temps! Today the high was in the teens, but it felt like subzero! πŸ™‚ Praying for you and Bryan as you approach the closure of your NEW HOME!!! So excited for you!


    January 22, 2013
    • Warm weather and the beach! Haha. I tell myself that the cold weather will be great once we move, it’ll keep us inside and working on the house!


      January 23, 2013

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