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i’m packing up packing up…

I’ve been busy packing up our not so necessary belongings for the past couple days since we will be moving before we know it (11 days is closing!). As I’ve been packing I’ve had this hilarious song stuck in my head except instead of the actual words, I’ve got a parody going, of the chorus over and over, but it doesn’t drive me crazy because it brings back senior year college memories when my roommate Kelsey would get such a kick out of these ‘songs’. You know what I’m talking about? When youtube movie makers take ‘funny’ or interesting video clips and turn the news clip into a music video? This particular song seemed to be quite the internet sensation, at least with college students. It was based on this older lady who had been getting coffee when two robbers have a stick up in the convenience store.

This appears to be the actual interview…

anyways, here is the ‘music video’ of the interview… H-e-l-l is repeated a couple of times, but with the ‘music’ it isn’t super noticeable, just a fair warning

here’s a spoof

Now back to the point of this blog post. I’m walking around my house packing up packing up packing up cuz my daddy taught me good. I’m packing the heck out of here cuz I’m so excited we are moving out of here!

hope the crazy lady and visions of me packing like a crazy person brought a smile to your monday afternoon πŸ™‚
Have any crazy YouTube movies to share with this procrastinator?
hero of the day saved my life….packing tape πŸ™‚

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