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I Always Seem To…

do crazy things in big storms. Hurricane Sandy? Drove the one and only Abby to Nashville.

Winter Storm Nemo/Blizzard Charlotte? Bought a house. Oh, but it wasn’t nearly as easy at that made it sound. Let’s start by pretending there wasn’t a title issue, furnace issue, or an impending blizzard during the last week before we bought a house. Let’s pretend there was no stress involved with packing, getting ready to move Saturday, or if my in-laws would make it to Ct, or get stranded somewhere along the way. Because it was going to get a lot worse before it got better.

So, it’s Friday morning and we excitedly get up, and go to the house for the final walk-through there’s about an inch of snow on the ground. Everything looks great. We excitedly/nervously head to the lawyer’s office to sign papers. There are three inches of snow on the ground. We shake hands all around and get to reviewing the HUD. On the HUD the seller’s contribution to closing is off by 4,000 dollars. (Originally we had asked for closing assistance to the tune of 4,000, then after the inspection rather than fix some items the sellers offered another credit towards closing. The addendum apparently confused the highly educated lawyers so they changed the seller’s contribution to only the repair money.)

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, just a simple call to the mortgage company to get things squared away. (Luckily our loan originator had already run the numbers and worked out it was ok for the sellers to do that) However, now it was 11:30 and the offices were closing at 12:15 because of the massive blizzard that was pounding the shoreline of Ct. The lawyers called and were told the closing wasn’t happening today, and it wouldn’t even happen Monday. I couldn’t help but think that all of our things, including clothes we would need for the next week were already packed. I could not even comprehend this not working out today, and having to go home and unpack things to make it another week while all the dumb paperwork got sorted out. (Don’t read this as my realtor slacking, she called repeatedly trying to see the HUD so she could double-check the numbers and the lawyer’s office was behind and couldn’t get them to her. Lesson: never use this office again)

I valiantly (it was a major effort) stayed tearless, even though I wanted to burst into tears, especially since my in-laws, rather than risk getting stuck in the snow had left as soon as my mother-in-law got off work (night nurse) and were already in our rental. And I’d worked my tail off the last two weeks packing everything, and just that morning had packed up the rest of our clothes/kitchen necessities, so we could move straight into our new house, and stop parking on the street, or living under a very loud bachelor. Our goal had literally been to be out of the rental before we had to shovel our car out of the plowed in shoulder again. (this is blatant foreshadowing!)

My champion realtor got on the phone and called our loan guy. 20130222-093936.jpgHe started working on his end, and to hear him tell it, got the entire office in New Britain working on our mortgage to push it through before they closed. We narrowly got the approval and signed ALL of the papers in ten minutes (thanking the Lord all the while that it was working out, and that our realtor reviewed the papers with us prior to the closing so we knew what we were signing). I couldn’t believe it. We were actually purchasing a house. The thought I expected to have while siting around this table were more about ‘I can’t believe we are doing this!”, “this feels like a bigger commitment than getting married!” (really it did, my marriage is for keeps, we both know that, and we both work towards that, the house? It’s totally a one-sided thing, it’s scarier! Though now, it’s definitely not scary, we are old pros now, two weeks and all that πŸ™‚ )

Next it was back to the rental to pick up Bry’s parents and our supplies before heading on to the house. Our house! Unbelievable. The roads were already bad, we slid past our (new) road in attempt to stop and had to pull a U-ie (spell check!) to get down the road. Instead of the 1-2 inches we had been told to expect by all of the weather sources,Β  we had 4+ inches and it wasn’t slowing down. The drive was a bit scary with cars slipping all over the place and the sky eerily dark (at 1PM!)


Mid Afternoon Friday (snow still falling) looking into our backyard

The original plan was to paint the family room (pinkish walls and wooden ceiling/one wall) and paint the guest bedroom. Clean the house. Move our belongings in on Saturday and be completely out of the rental. With 4-5 inches falling every hour during the worst of the storm, and winds at 60 mph, the roads were legally shut at 4 o’clock, and after the scary drive around 1 there was no way we were leaving the house Friday.

Hence the end of our carefully laden plans, and getting thrown headfirst into God’s plan for the weekend, which was infinitely better.


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