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Adventures in Home Ownership: repair men

We have been home owners for a month! Hard to believe. Little projects are slowly but surely getting done. The boxes are gone. The rooms are being organized. New pics will be coming soon (hopefully next week!), I have to find a camera cord in all of this.

Yesterday, a day that was meant to be productive was not nearly as productive as I hoped. Yes I did clean the kitchen and the bathroom, and I did sand the spackled stairs, and even applied grout whitener to the stain master bathroom floor. (Ok I guess I was productive) But I had plans to fully set up my art studio and sew some more curtains as well, not to mention run some errands and paint more trim. But because we don’t have a functioning doorbell and the house is a bit spread out, I had to spend my morning hovering around the kitchen waiting for the HVAC guy to come and set up our new water heater (part of the closing credit). Which took him all day from 9:30-4 to do. He hadn’t told me when he was coming other than afternoon, thankfully I had gotten ready for the day before he arrived(it was a close call!!). Letting me know he was going to shut off the water would have been nice as I was in the middle of soaping up my hands (hazards of repair men I guess) and instead of rinsing clean I had to dry soapy hands with a paper towel. Of course, once he was here I couldn’t just wander off to the other end of the house, what if he needed me? ha. Obviously I thought it wouldn’t take as long as it did, and I probably could have just wandered off to do other things, but it was my first repair man and I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Ah well. We have now have a  better water heater, and one that is up- to code (no water supply pipe passing in front of an electrical panel!) So that’s one worry off my list.

But wait, I really didn’t need to hang out near the kitchen door all day if the repair man was working. Was I waiting for something else? Yup, an electrician.  The original one, who gave the seller the quote (also paid for in the closing credit) hasn’t returned any of our calls, so the seller (who just so happens to be a contractor) sent out a new one. This guy was super nice and promised he’d call with his quote after he figures it out. I only showed him the things the original quote covered, but as we’ve been living here we’ve realized the older part of the house is lacking in three prong outlets. I’ll have to add that to the list whenever he does call.

Of course being married to an engineer means I live with a repair man. At least he lets himself in! While I’m busy painting walls and furniture, spackling (repairing trim work, stairs, and walls), sanding, unpacking and organizing. My built-in repair man is replacing light fixtures, installing a dehumidifier to the crawl space we will never have to empty by making up some plumbing that will trickle into the sump-pump, and becoming a hot tub repair man(leak in a pipe). Soon we can get back to the fun parts like just simply enjoying it all!

So I survived my first day of repair men, though even my blog post got neglected. Suffice it to say we went to Home Depot (we are new homeowners after all). That may have been our 8th trip since we bought the house. Yikes. Glad we signed up for the Home Depot card (which we pay off in full each month, and also gives us a 5% discount). Wanna know what we bought? Well, among other things, a doorbell.

See you next week, and hold me accountable for some pictures! Any funny repair men stories to share?

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  1. I may be a bit overbearing here but I ALWAYS watch repair people when they come. I never leave them alone in a room (unless I know them personally). You never know with strangers! Plus, it’s MY house and I want to know what they are doing to it… no shortcuts! 🙂 I hate repair time frames too… Why can’t they narrow down times instead of saying, “Oh we will be there anytime between 8 am and 5 pm… “


    March 12, 2013
    • Ohh I totally hear you on the ‘scheduled times’ I could use that time for other stuff, rather than sitting around. And as for keeping an eye on them, well the hot water heater is in the basement, and the only down there is the litter box, so if he wants to steal that…haha. But seriously, that’s why I stuck to the stairs…much easier to keep an eye that way!


      March 12, 2013
  2. Good to know that repairman experiences can be the same world-wide. I thought the whole time frame thing was only a problem in this part of the world. One of the interesting things we’ve run into is when someone comes to fix something here, whether a plumber or electrician or whatever, they come and check out the problem, then run to the local hardware store to buy whatever supplies/parts they need, and then return to finish the job. I kind of think that is not how they do it in the states, but not so sure.
    Hope all your jobs get done soon and you two can enjoy your home.


    March 13, 2013
    • From my very limited experience, the repair men have come to give a quote for the work. Then I have to schedule them to come back to fix it. Granted I haven’t had any emergency type stuff that needed to be done ASAP. But, even with the Hvac guy who was here Monday he had to run out and grab a cap, even though he knew he would be replacing and laying new venting for the water heater!


      March 13, 2013

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