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Adventures in Home Ownership: Our first wedding.

Back story: Bryan is a stickler to being on time. I hate being early. We strive to get everywhere exactly on time. Unfortunately I know I’m typically a bit on the late side. He loves me anyways.

Separate backstory: with our ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ card we got an invite to the neighbor across the street’s wedding.

Real Story: In the course of the last month we’ve managed to meet the neighbors that live on either side of us, and the diagonal neighbor. But even though I’ve seen the people across the street (and tried to make eye contact to make the whole wedding invitation thing less weird) I’ve never managed to even get a wave in that they’ve noticed. It seemed a bit weird to invite someone you’d never met to your wedding to be ‘neighborly’ without ever saying hi. But whatever. I tried.

Regardless Saturday was the day of the wedding. I’d put shopping for a present since I was trying to make a connection to have some idea of what to buy. No dice. I even googled their names. (You know you can do that to find wedding registries) Still nothing. So I went to Target and Homegoods and walked around. I couldn’t find anything in the movies, books, housewares, specialty food items, outdoor stuff. Nothing. I have no clue what they liked, anything. I ended up finding a candle I liked and getting to for them. Hey, after all, we haven’t even met. People do like candles right? Unless they are allergic to fragrance. It was a risk I had to take.

So, Saturday night we were getting ready. No clue what to wear since we don’t know them. Sensing a refrain here. ๐Ÿ™‚ While I rushed to finish up I asked Bry to grab a bag and some tissue paper. Once we were all set we headed across the street. There were folding chairs for seating around the edges of the room, red and white tissue paper pompoms hanging from the ceiling. A large red heart that said something in Spanish, and a big tiered cake on the table. We were a tad bit late but there were only five people there. People slowly trickled in and an hour later (of awkwardly sitting there trying to say hi to people we didn’t know) and then the bride got there.

She had a pretty chiffon dress, but her bridesmaids were a bit ‘clubbish’ had to have been 5 or 6 inch heels, and very minimal dresses. In fact the other female guests were also similarly dressed. I totally could have worn the patterned stockings I was planning on wearing but took off as I didn’t want to offend people I didn’t know.

The ceremony was entirely in Spanish, and we stood the entire time close up to the front since there wasn’t a mic. As I was standing right behind them I’m sure I’m in the majority of the wedding pics. How weird to have a total stranger in your wedding pics. Poor couple.

Poor me, as I didn’t understand a single word that was said…and I took Spanish in high school! Strange. Anyways. People still were rolling in, and by 8 the house was totally packed, doors were propped open, and it was snowing outside. regardless, it was 80 degrees (I know since I was pretty much stuck against the wall near the thermostat). Since there was no sign of dinner anytime soon (loud music was blaring, drinks were flowing but not water which I would have loved, and the floor was packed with Salsa dancers way way beyond my beginner skills so I wasn’t joining in)we ducked out. The street was filled to the brim with cars, and people were still coming. Hard to believe the ceremony itself wasn’t that important.

It was quite the experience. It was cool to go to a wedding that was different that the ones that most people I interact with would have. It was definitely an eye-opener to another culture. But glad my wedding wasn’t that way. I kind of felt like a wedding-crasher, and that was strange. Hopefully, never again! And hopefully the neighbors liked the candle!

Am I the only one that’s been invited to a wedding where neither me or my date knew the bride, groom, or parents? Anyone ever have no luck finding a gift they know the couple would like? Would you have given a gift to couple you didn’t know?

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  1. Sounds like an interesting experience indeed! Living overseas, we’ve had our fair share of different weddings. We did go to at least one wedding I can think of where we didn’t know anyone until a few hours before the festivities started. We visited a town in the South of Jordan and stayed with a family who was willing to host us for four days. Turns out we visited them during a family wedding, which lasted three days. So the first night we visited the grooms’ family home for a few hours, second night was the bride’s family home for a few hours and then the third day was the wedding. Guess by that day, I actually did know some people!


    March 19, 2013
    • Wow! What an immersion into the culture! And such a story to tell.


      March 21, 2013

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