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I have been looking for a new job for the last 4 months. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job at Studio 33, but I wish I had more hours. I know my boss would have me full time if her budget allowed, but the way it stands now she can’t.

I see jobs for full time work and apply, but then get worried about the transition of going from a job I really love to something I might not like and it’s a bit terrifying. I haven’t had man jobs I absolutely love, and we don’t need me to work full time so I just leave it. But even then I’m not completely satisfied because I want to contribute more.

Of course I am a bit picky. Since we don’t need it I certainly don’t want to get suckered into a job that will have me working nights or weekends, and if possible I still wanted to be able to keep my job at Studio 33. My boss Sara has become a friend as well, and she really needs me for the few hours I do work.

Needless to say I have passed over a lot of a available jobs. But many I think are interesting aren’t available for me. I don’t have a ton of experience in things, basically teaching (of which I really don’t feel led to do, nor are there many jobs available), graphic design (but my college Ed and post college jobs have been only in print based marketing when many companies are looking for web design as well), marketing (but no degree or experience other then my art background), and administrative assistant of which I have approximately one year of experience.
Jobs in retail or food service don’t often give the hours I’m looking for, and if I’m going to make the commitment to another job it would be nice if the pay was decent.

I’m totally making it easy for myself right? Haha. Well yesterday after a relatively lazy morning I checked an online job board and saw a posting for a layout designer for a small bi-weekly area newspaper. The position needed experience with InDesign and Photoshop (check), Excel (check) and social media marketing a plus (check).
Excited and nervous but I knew I actually found a job where I fit all the requirements. The lady and I clicked right off the bat when she broke the ice asking why someone in Philadelphia was applying for her paper. I replied I couldn’t give up my cell and she laughed. I told her briefly about my experience (a summer job my recruiter cousin hooked me up with in college was more than enough to get me the job).
She asked me to come in so we could chat. I made it there on time, even though she didn’t give me an address, just directions that I typed into my computer which mysteriously got deleted. We clicked and she asked if I could start today. Seriously. It was a whirlwind few hours from seeing the posting to walking back in my door.

The best part is she doesn’t need me full time and my schedule is something we will figure out today. So I can definitely keep my job at Studio 33 and if this new job doesn’t work out I still have a job. Who knows I might end up working more than 40 hours between the two jobs and that really would be a jump in what I bring into the house.

So if you think about it today I could use some prayers. I haven’t worked with InDesign in a year and a half, though I spent a few hours brushing up last night. I pray we hit it off as well as my current boss and I do, and that Bryan and I still get everything done around here that we need to. But God provides and I had a peace about it all. So I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

But seriously what is it with me going from seeing the posting/asking about the potential of a job to employed in less than 6 hours? It’s a good kind of nuts.

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