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Ready For A Shocker?

I quit the Newspaper job. I was yelled at three hours too many and told I was stupid. Noottt going to fly with me. I respectfully talked to my boss about it and was told nothing was ever going to change. So I quit, as of next Friday I am done. Shocker I know. I’ve never quit a job. I’m not a quitter. I’d only been there a month and a few weeks, and just a few blog posts ago I was talking about how cool it was and how it was going to work out. Then I realized how underpaid I was, how mean my boss was, and how long I spent in the car each day. I also realized my schedule would be woefully inflexible with the paper getting printed every other Friday, and a ton of weddings and showers almost every week of press that would require me to at least leave at a reasonable time on Friday afternoons, and not wait until 7 once the paper was submitted to the printer. Not just through the summer, but press happened the day after Thanksgiving (no going home to see family) and the Friday after New Years (no long Christmas break at home). All that adds up to me being a-okay with quitting.

Hindsight is 20/20. If I had known who I would be working for I never would have taken the job. I found out after I accepted it, and started to see that boss’s true colors, that she has a reputation for being tough and not someone to work for. In fact I learned I can keep the job on my resume and people will be impressed I stuck around for three issues. No wonder her turn-over is so high.

Then I found out the business next door to the art gallery I work at was hiring a receptionist. For a dollar less an hour than I made as an underpaid graphic designer. And without having to spend an hour in the car to get to the job I make off with two dollars less a day, my sanity intact, and the ability to get my hair done whenever for free, since it’s a really nice hair salon. That my friends is worth quite a lot.

So, now that I am back to jobs whose stress I don’t bring home, you’ll be able to see a lot more of me on here. But for my first (triumphant) return to writing, I’m stumped on what to write about.

I could make a list of what we’ve done so far and what we want to do. I could talk about the whirlwind week we had getting ready for our housewarming party, I could talk about tackling the vine straight out of Jurassic Park. Or I could start off easy and wax poetic about how blissful it is to go to the beach 4 straight days in a row. It’s so much more fun being at the beach when it’s raining and it’s not spoiling your one week down in OCNJ!

Feel free to ‘vote’ on what you want to hear about first, or I’ll surprise you. Whatever comes first. See you Monday morning!

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